Forget Gujarat, PM Narendra Modi can win election anywhere in the world!!! Here is the proof

For all those who criticised Narendra Modi’s foreign tours – Here is a slap on the face!

“All those who criticised the series of international tours taken up by Prime Minister Narendra Modi have been obliged to shut up now, for its results have started becoming evident. For the first time in the history of the world, a member from the United Kingdom lost his position of the World Court judge to a contender from the very nation they colonised – India! Such a humiliating defeat for UK and a proud victory for India would never have happened if not for PM Modi’s impactful world tours that have taken the world diplomacy by storm!”

When the Congress party and its ‘eligible’ leader Rahul Gandhi are spending time cracking stupid gimmicks such as turning potatoes into gold in Gujarat, when the Aam Aadmi party leader is still trying out the even and odd technique for pollution control at the country’s capital, when the Karnataka state government head CM Siddharamiah is still validating PAN restrictions, PM Narendra Modi and his team worked day and night to raise the standards of India on an international level. The result of the same was seen by the world when the United Kingdom was overthrown from its long withheld position at world court by an Indian! The country that ruled us for 200 years and left us with nothing but a severe sense of inferiority was diplomatically overthrown by India. This is the grand success story of Dalveer Bhandari who is now the Chief Justice of International Court of Justice.

This major victory on the international sphere has answered all ruthless critics who ignorantly criticised Narendra Modi’s international approaches. The mass media in the United Kingdom have gone crazy about the strategy employed by India to achieve this diplomatic victory. Not to mention the self loathing they must be feeling right now. The Guardian reported “England has hung its head in shame in front of the international community. This is a major hit to the international dignity of Britain. More so, this is also an indication of the downfall of British control over the international affairs.”

Times of London stated “Britain has lost to a new world. The developing nations of the world gave perfectly strategized this revolution.”

One of the reporters from BBC blatantly claimed “No matter what we do, the developing countries proved that they do not fear Britain by supporting the Indian contender. It is a dangerous trend that the developing countries no longer fear the conventionally strong countries of the world.”

The International Court of Justice is an entity that resolves disputes across international borders, and provides solutions to international issues. Issues such as border penetration, violation of treaties, transnational security issues and such aspects are dealt by the International Court. Established in 1945, the panel consists of 15 judges nominated by the United Nations General Assembly and the Security Council, both of them run by developed nations. The tenure of the judges is 9 years. This time, there were 5 spots to be refilled, out of which the last spot was contended for by the British contender Christopher Greenwood and Dalveer Bhandari from India. While it seemed like Christopher Greenwood would be the obvious choice of the developed countries, Dalveer Bhandari simply took away the position owing to the support of all countries Narendra Modi had previously taken into confidence!

This diplomatic victory was a necessity for India, considering the pending case of Kulbhushan Yadav in International Court. Also, this victory has proved that India is emerging as a world super power, standing on line with the world’s best. The World Court has been inclined towards India since its inception, and it was a necessity to sustain the legacy by including an Indian member in the panel. 76 votes were cast for Christopher Greenwood, while Dalveer Bhandari won with 115 votes. Well, talk about Narendra Modi and his foreign relations policy now!

Overthrowing The Great Britain was a massive challenge that India took up, and won; like never before. This is just a beginning, and there are surely more to come. Step by step, Narendra Modi is taking India further and shutting the ugly mouths of cretins. With all due respect, let us hope they learn to shut it themselves before any more humiliation.

Source: Tendpost.com

Trisha Jay