Forget land, Congress had executed scams even in the sky! UPA Era’s Aviation scam gets exposed

UPA Era Aviation scam gets bigger: More skeletons tumble out, details of ‘secret’ cabinet note out, ‘secret note sent to centre on Feb 2014, note sought change in Aviation rules’. Will UPA Era bosses explain now?  Another UPA Era Aviation scam caught in hand. Former leaders of UPA are under the lens of the CBI. 

UPA and Congress will try all the dirty tricks to be back in power in 2019 since only being in power can save them from being in Jails for all these scams. It’s time now for BJP to  Watch out!!

UPA Era Aviation scam gets bigger: Big political fight over Air Asia scam, Manish Tewari silent on ‘UPA role’, says ‘matter should be probed’

BJP slams UPA Regime badly and its time for Congress to answer now. If bribe of 5 million dollars has been paid, what business Air Asia must be expecting from its operations? That too when most Airlines are in reds with losses of crores. It is indeed a matter of great shame for UPA! I wonder as to where this black money is stacked?

Air Asia Scam: CBI books CEO Tony Fernandes and Tata Trust’s head Venkat. Chidambaram & Ajit Singh to be summoned soon.

No wonder politicians like Ajit Singh, Mamata, Lalu Yadav, the dynasty congress are compelled to support each other despite diverse ways!! There are 2 things common, fear of getting caught and greed to loot more!! The ultimate question that arises in every Indians mind, will anyone be ever punished for all these scams? Despite so many proofs against these culprits caught in a crime, they still dare to roam free.