Forget winning 2019 elections, Congress can’t even win an online poll! This is how Congress scored a massive self goal in a hurry to target PM Modi and Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman

“The art of living” along with “the art of losing” is very well mastered by the Congress party under the leadership of its newly elected party President Mr Rahul Gandhi. As we all know, Rahul Gandhi is a leader who is known for ordering his party men to fight the battle while he is enjoying in some corner of the world.

Even this time, the Congress party that lacks a leader who can lead from the front has scored a self goal in a bid to target not just the Prime Minister of India, but even the Supreme Commander of all the armed forces in India, Nirmala Sitharaman.

The official twitter account of Congress ran a poll with a question, “With the Modi Govt paying an inflated ₹12632 cr for Rafale fighter aircraft with honest taxpayers’ money, do you think the Defence Minister should step down?”

What came as a shocker to the Congress was 72 % of the people who participated in the twitter poll went against the interest of the Congress by saying that there is no need of changing the defence minister. This indicates that people are confident that no scam has taken place in the purchase of Rafale fighter aircrafts.

Out of the 17433 people who participated in the poll, only 28 percent of the twitteratis voted in favor of Congress party. This has been a huge slap to the Congress party that tried to malign the image of the central government.

Now, there are high chances that the party may even delete the poll because the mouth piece of Congress, National Herald, had done conducted an online poll but the result had forced the party to delete it immediately. So, history might repeat even this time.

This poll has exposed Rahul Gandhi’s fake popularityoin twitter!

A total of 17433 people had participated in the poll and only 4881 (28 %) people voted in favor of Congress. The numbers are quite shocking because Rahul Gandhi’s abusive tweets garner nearly 10,000 shares but how come only 4881 people voted in favor of Congress party, in this poll?

Thus, we can conclude that there is no Rahul Gandhi wave in India and the wave won’t erupt in the next few decades for sure. The Congress is badly trying to market Rahul Gandhi as a global leader by organizing sessions in USA, Singapore and many other foreign nations.

But with every foreign tour, Rahul Gandhi is exposing his own party. This “vision less” leader had even said that PNB scam is directly linked to BJP. He said, “It’s now revealed that our FM’s silence on the PNB SCAM was to protect his lawyer daughter, who was paid a large retainer by the accused just a month before the SCAM became public. When other law firms of the accused have been raided by the CBI, why not hers?”.

Along with the tweet, he had even attached an article written by ‘The Wire”, which is known for its “hit and run” form of journalism.

Each and every parliament session is disrupted by the Congress party and the real losers are the public. This party even tries to play politics by maligning sensitive issues like defence deals. If this continues, there is no doubt that Congress will soon be extinct from India.

Hansika Raj