Former close aide of Arvind Kejriwal shares an image and claims even Lord Krishna observed Eid Moon!

It is indeed hilarious to watch how these people become so dumb to please a particular community. Demeaning ones religion and belief is almost next to a severe crime. And no religion will let you play with their respected belief. Why would anyone let you do that? Each one of us have that equal amount of respect and love towards our religion.

Now let me ask this question to Mr.Yadav on what he has posted on the occasion of Eid. Being an Indian politician, psephologist and academic why are you spreading information without fact checking ? For someone who uses statistics and proof on everything it is utterly disgusting to not use your brain on a painting. Now that nobody is buying your election trend and nobody is approaching for debate, have you started selling painting online??

This picture posted by Mr.Yadav is claimed to be fake by the people on social media. There is no such 18th-century painting that exists. Many of them have challenged him to reveal its whereabouts(where is it located?) Secularism is not a one-way street. Imagine the reaction of these people if Hindus painted a picture of Prophet worshipping Lakshmi Idol on Diwali??

EID MUBARAK Reproduction of an 18th century Rajasthan miniature depicting Lord Krishna sighting the Eid moon and pointing it out to a group of Muslim men and women. Let’s resolve on this Eid to win back the spirit of Indìa the picture depicts.

How can you think of leading this nation ? One who doesn’t know the eras when Lord Sri Krishna was born and the time when Islam came into existence?? Before talking about one’s religion you need to think twice when you try to make a point.

The truth is Islam never existed during Lord Krishna’s era. The two religions have a distant gap of time span among them, and you are mixing up the two. We accept the concept of unity but this picture is pure concoction. No vedic or Islamic scriptures mention this anywhere. Advent of Lord Krishna is calculated to be around 5000 years ago and Islam is about 1400 years old!!

Islam is 1400 years old Krishna was born in Dvapara Yuga, which was around 3100 BC. Ab painter pagal hai toh aap bhi logon ko pagal banaoge kya? Just wish Eid Mubarak to all and move on, why this pseudo secular preaching?

It is not the point that we are against the idea of Unity but try a picture of Prophet Mohammad with Lord Sri Krishna with the same message. Showing mirror to present situation and to drag pseudo secularism into everything are totally two different things.

As a Hindu, none of us have an objection to imagination running riot with Lord Krishna. Just wondering, if a similar painting of Allah celebrating Diwali with Hindus surfaced, would the painter or his supporters be alive?? Worth a thought for all those who think Hindus or Hinduism is against Peace!!