Former DGP of Assam reveals Congress won 2001 elections with the help of the banned insurgent group

It is well known that Congress party can go to any extent for winning the election. It can stoop any low for securing the throne. The party will even tie up with terrorists and put on the national security at stake but occupying the throne matters the most to party.

In one such a shocking revelation on Congress party desperation for being in power, former DGP of Tripura and Assam Ghanashyam Murari Srivastava has revealed that in the 2001 election, Congress party has taken the help of banned insurgent group United Liberation Front of Assam (ULFA) for coming to power which later formed a faction called United Liberation Front of Assam-Independent (ULFA-I)

He alleged that there is a strong nexus between United Liberation Front of Assam-Independent (ULFA-I) and the political parties of Assam.”In 2001, ULFA was directly involved in Assam’s Assembly elections. The insurgent group helped Congress win the elections in Assam in exchange for a huge amount of money.” said Srivastava

He further revealed how ULFA attacked other party candidates following their deal with the Congress “We intercepted a message of ULFA commander in chief Paresh Baruah, wherein he passed an order to their comrades to attack the candidates of Assam Gana Parishad (AGP). He also ordered the men to kill the candidates of another political party as well,” said the former top cop.

Srivastava also claimed that before the 2001 elections, Baruah passed a strict order to his men to hold negotiations with the Congress, which was then in Opposition. “In the 2001 Assembly elections, the ULFA cadres were deployed in the polling centres to force people to vote in favour of Congress,” he added.

Congress won the 2001 polls with 71 seats, while the Assam Gana Parishad (AGP) could manage only 20 seats, even though it had allied itself with the BJP. Congress has ruled Assam thrice from 2001 to 2016 and is now hoping to regain power in the region.

But hopefully the Congress dream of winning Assam will not be fulfilled as the top cop reveals, ‘The Baruah-led ULFA (I) does not have the power to influence the upcoming general elections. The group can at best lead to an ‘incident’ in two to three districts of upper Assam only.’

So you see how shameful this party is. It can form link with anyone for fulfilling their political motives.Neither it has cared for the Nation in the 70 years nor will it care. What matters to the party and its leader is their self interest, their growth. So it is high time for voters to throw this party out of the nation and make Bharat “Congress Mukt”