Former JNUSU president and close friend of Kanhaiya Kumar calls him Casteist liar, resigns from AISF!

Communists have a weird style of working, they are confused, disordered and unclear of their objective which is very well known. This is exactly why their idea of socialism and communist models have failed everywhere in the world and people are now demanding a democratic form of governance.

Similarly, in India, the left party which is losing relevance and ground is trying all tactics to prove their existence. Orchestrated attacks on their own men, abetting suicide are some of the common tactics used by a few people in order to gain sympathy. On the day when leftist tried their best to gain sympathy for Umar Khalid, the former JNUSU president and very close friend of Kanhaiya Kumar, Jayant Jigyasu has made explosive claims against him.

Jayant Jigyasu who resigned from the post of AISF (All India Student Federation), the student wing of Communist party, accused Kanhaiya Kumar of being very casteist and lying. In his letter published on Facebook, he has given a detailed account of the working in AISF, where he says personal agendas have dominated the party and the concerns of the backward class have been ignored completely. He has alleged that there is huge caste discrimination in the party and many are treated as slaves. He accused Kanhaiya Kumar of destroying the students union for his personal gains and political ambitions. He also said that he betrayed the Students union many times before for his gains and accused him of getting political support from few parties despite growing voices against him.

Jayanth Jigyasu terming the CPI party as ‘Confused Party of India’, and said the party is not connected with the ground reality and there is a huge gap of what they preach and practice. He goes to say that the party has done nothing to the poor or backward community and the workers in the CPI office are severely underpaid and are not respected in anyways. He has also taken a jibe at D Raja who is the General secretary saying he has no leadership qualities or forward thinking which is required for the party and the party doesn’t want to encourage making any Dalit as their leader.

He also says that the party is being dictated by outsiders and has become person-centric with no principles. But what was shocking in his letter is that he said dissent voices were being silenced in the party and his life too was in danger. He added that some goons were threatening anyone who speaks against the party. Finally, he said that he cannot compromise with the self-respect and cannot watch party getting destroyed and therefore he was submitting his resignation.

Credit: https://aajtak.intoday.in/story/kanhaiya-kumar-jawaharlal-nehru-university-student-union-former-president-jayant-jigyasu-1-1021684.html

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