Former judge and a powerful man who is known for making anti-Hindu speeches is now accused of sexually harassing a woman

You might have heard of “All India Bakchod” (AIB) a comedy group that has mastered the art of speaking below the belt in public, yet getting away from the criticisms of the pseudo feminists. You might have also heard about how a comedian from AIB named Utsav was recently exposed of harassing girls by sending his nudes to them. You might have also heard that these are again criticized for trying to give a spin to their ‘Nude Gate” by shifting the blame on the culture.

But after these comedians were exposed, few women have taken a bold step of coming forward to name and shame the sexual predators who had sexually harassed them in the past. A journalist named Sandhya Menon joined the moment of exposing the sexual predators and she even encouraged other women to expose the men who harassed them.

Many women, through messages, narrated the ordeal they had undergone to Sandhya Menon. And many masks were blown off. But when a mask of a former judge was blown off, the entire nation was stunned.

The former judge was none other than the former Bombay High Court Judge Kolse Patil who has a track record of giving out hateful speeches against Hindus, RSS, Intelligence Bureau and even spreading venom between castes. This judge is also having close links with the urban naxals who wanted to kill PM Modi.

Here what the girl said about how she was sexually harassed by former judge Kolse Patil:

“This is about a former Bombay High Court Judge” she said. “He enjoys not only immense power but also knows how to use the law to his advantage. His name is justice Kolse Patil. I went to interview him recently. I had to record the interview on camera and there was a lot of background disturbance in the open area of visitors, so we had to do the interview inside his house. After I was done with the interview, I moved my chair and it hit his ****.
I apologized and just as my back was bent, he pulled my collar and asked me why I had left the top button of my kurtha open. I flipped and retreated in that nanosecond. And he apologized profusely. He said he thought we could be friends”

She continued to narrate the harassment she underwent by saying “I am terrified but I think it is time to speak anonymously”.

She continued “Because I was enraged and because it showed, Kolse Patil continued to apologize to me and then pleaded with me to make sure this doesn’t go out of this room. He said he would be “destroyed”. Minutes after I left the place he called me up asking me where I was headed and what my plan for the day was.
I could sense the panic in his tone and voice and I don’t know the repercussions of sexual harassment with a judge being involved. So to rattle him and ensure he doesn’t probe more, I said I am going to the police station”.

Below is a video of Kholse Patil where he is seen spewing venom against the Indian government authorities. He is accusing that the police and RSS are working together and the Intelligence Bureau (IB) has become the “shaka” of the RSS.

This man is also having links with the urban naxlas, the same deadly people who wanted to assassinate the Prime Minister of India Mr Narendra Modi. These have so deep rooted nexus and enjoy power that they get punished by the judiciary. But hopefully Kolse Patil doesn’t get away this time.

Hansika Raj