Former NDTV journalist Barkha Dutt tried an exceptionally dangerous stunt!!! But it went totally wrong

Sanjay Leela Bansali has a peculiar skill of distorting Indian history with an intention to suppress our royal heritage. His recent contribution to this is the film ‘Padmavati’ which has hurt the Rajput community. Amidst the usual protests, Dr Subramanian Swamy had given a new trajectory by saying that the film received funds from Dubai. “Dubai residents want Muslim kings to be presented as heroes in our movies and Hindu women eager to enter into relationships with them”, he said.

But now, former NDTV journalist has sparked another controversy by saying “The attack on Deepika Padukone and the threats to maim her are beyond repulsive. But the media must reflect on the space its given to the very Fringe its condemning today. Lawless Hoodlums & their threats don’t deserve the legitimacy of prime time”.

According to her, terrorist sympathizers can share space in media but people cannot condemn against a film which has all chances to create damages to Indian heritage.

Threat to Deepika is not at all serious when compared to defaming history!!!

A young lady named Aditi Sharma exposed the double standards of Barkha Dutt. She reminded Barkha Dutt that twisting history is far more worse than issuing threats to Deepika Padukone.


Where was Barkha Dutt when Bollywood promoted real-life villains as the real stars of India?

A valid point!!! Years back, Da Vinci Code was banned as it hurt Christians’ sentiments. Many other books were banned in India as it had hurt minority community’s sentiments. But when Hindu sentiments are hurt, why can’t these movies be banned?

Did Barkha Dutt speak on ‘fatwa on yoga’ so fiercely?

Hey Barkha Dutt, you have interviewed an anti-national named Kanhaiyya Kumar, forgot?

“The first thing I noticed was his smile – a boyish, toothy grin that traveled all the way up to his eyes that still glimmered with hope and optimism, despite having spent the last 23 days in prison”, this was how Barkha Dutt had described Kanhaiyya Kumar.

Didn’t Barkha Dutt have an iota of common sense that she shouldn’t give prominence to an anti-nationalist like him?

Why only Hinduism?

Sonu Nigam was against Islam. So he should be attacked and trolled. Isn’t it Barkha Dutt?

Fringe groups supporting Hindu culture should be shamed but fringe groups that petrify people in Kashmir should be awarded, according to Barkha Dutt.

Hello Barkha Dutt, ‘Padmavati’ actress Deepika Padukone called Indians as regressive. What is your take on it?

Bang on!!! Using creative liberty, one cannot twist and turn historical events.

“There is nothing big thing in this matter, film makers should respect Indian culture and Great History, no one have rights to show his fantasy about any respected History person to the World, no one dare to make film on Allah n Mohamad bcz they will not oppose they simply chop”. This tweet speaks a lot!!!

Hansika Raj


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