Former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee had once said that Dr Shyam Prasad Mookerjee of Jan Sangh was assassinated by Nehru

India is a democratic nation and anyone can express anything as they have freedom of expression. But this was not the reality. Voices were suppressed by frequent killings, violence was often used. This method can be only used by our so called party which fought for India’s Independence and that is Indian National Congress.

It was the time when RSS was blamed saying that it was involved in the murder of Mahatma Gandhi. A need for a political party was required so Bharathiya Jan Sangh (BJS) came in existence. The BJS (which later evolved into BJP) was started by Shyam Prasad Mookerjee on 21 October 1951 in Delhi in collaboration with the RSS as a “nationalistic alternative” to the India Congress.

But on June 23, 1953 Dr Mookerjee died a mysterious death. After the death, Dr Mookerjee’s mother requested to set up of an impartial enquiry to probe her son’s death. But Nehru ignored it by saying that it was a heart attack.

Why Nehru planned to kill Dr Shyam Prasad?

After Independence, Nehru didn’t want to take Dr Shyam Prasad Mookerjee into the cabinet but Sardar Patel and Gandhiji were supporting Dr Mookerjee. So Nehru was left with no option but to include him in the cabinet. Dr Mookerjee was made the Minister of Industries. But due to political differences on the issue of Kashmir, he had resigned from the cabinet.

Shyama Prasad began to oppose Nehru’s policies of Muslim appeasement. He wanted a free-market economy as against Nehruvian Socialist economy. He wanted a Uniform Civil Code in India irrespective of religion. He wanted Nehru to end the Special Status to the State of J&K and said Nehru that there could not be two Constitutions, two Flags and two PMs in one country.

Meanwhile Sheikh Mohammed Abdulla was the Prime Minister of the state of Jammu and Kashmir after its accession to India in 1947. His land reforms meant that the landed Hindus of Jammu stood much to lose if the land ceilings were imposed.

So Dr Mookerjee started creating awareness among the people on how Nehru along with Abdulla may separate J&K from India.

How did Dr Shyam Prasad die?

Mookerjee went to visit Kashmir in 1953, and observed a hunger strike to protest the law that prohibited Indian citizens from settling in a state within their own country and mandated that they carry ID cards. He was arrested on May 11 while crossing border into Kashmir. Thereafter, he was jailed in a dilapidated house in Srinagar and later the state government declared that he died due to heart attack on 23 June 1953.

What Former Prime Minister Atal Ji said on 2004?

Atal Ji said that Dr Mookerjee was killed as part of a “conspiracy” between the then Jawaharlal Nehru-led Central government and Jammu and Kashmir government. He also said that when Mookerjee decided to violate the permit rule by entering J&K without a permit, we thought the Punjab government would arrest him and prevent him from proceeding further. However, that did not happen. Atal Ji says that later they came to know the conspiracy. The conspiracy was that, Dr Mookerjee would be allowed to enter J&K but won’t return back alive.

Today is Dr Mookerjee’s 64th death anniversary and his Jan Sangh which evolved into BJP has completely destroyed the Congress. If he was alive, he would be proud that Hindustan is being ruled by a patriotic party that is the BJP.

Will his death mystery ever get revealed? Will the dark reality of Nehru be proved in the court?

Well, that is a mystery.

Vikrant Raj