Former Union minister and Veteran Congress leader acts like Pak agent! Here’s his controversial remark on Kashmir that won Pakistan’s heart

Congress party and its leaders have always been sympathiser towards Pakistan and terrorists. They all speak more in the language of Pakistan than India. Few days ago Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad has come up with the statement that “the action taken by the Indian Army in Jammu & Kashmir is more against the civilians than the terrorists” that now another senior Congress leader and former Union minister from Jammu & Kashmir Saifuddin Soz has stirred up controversy by making a shocking statement. Saifuddin Soz suggested that Kashmiris would prefer to be “independent” if allowed to exercise “free will”.

The senior leader also supports former Pakistan President’s view on Kashmir. In his upcoming book, he endorsed the views of former Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf  and said the President of Pakistan was right in his assessment about 10 years ago that the people of Kashmir would “prefer to be independent” if allowed to “exercise free will”

The leader also mentioned the so-called Musharraf-Vajpayee-Manmohan formula in his book under which the two sides of Kashmir will have same borders but allow free movement across the region. Further, the formula envisages autonomy across the region and demilitarisation.

The Congress leader claimed that the Pakistan President had shared this view with his top colleagues both in the army as well as those in power outside, in the Pakistani establishment in 2007 that this is the only way to get rid of this problem. “He (Musharraf) had also convinced his colleagues that the resolutions of the UN on Kashmir had constituted a redundant situation as these meant a tight-jacket for Kashmiris whether they wanted to go with India or to Pakistan,” the Congress leader said

Not only this, The Congress leader went ever further advising the Central Government that if they want to solve the Kashmir problem, they have to first hold talks with separatists Hurriyat Conference before mainstream parties. The leader said “If the Union of India has to talk to the people of Kashmir, it will have to decide the grouping with which it will initiate the dialogue. In my opinion, it is the political conglomerate called the Hurriyat. Then, the ball will certainly move to what is broadly known as the ‘mainstream’,” Soz writes in his book ‘Kashmir: Glimpses of History and the Story of Struggle’, due to be released next week by ‘Rupa Publications”.

The leader further went on to blame the nation stating that India is a root cause of all the problems. He said, “It is the various governments in New Delhi since 1953 which have committed ‘blunders’ that has led to the alienation of Kashmiris from the rest of India. It is the Union of India that caused unrest in the minds of the people of Kashmir and deepened it over a period of time by committing mistakes one after the other. The Union of India has to adopt a mechanism to assess properly as to what has gone wrong and how it can be corrected”

The leader even targeted the current Government’s efforts in restoring the peace in the valley. The leader called to reduce troop numbers in J&K and revoke Armed Forces Special Power Act (AFSPA), He also said bullets or pellets won’t help to solve the Kashmir problem.

This is not the first time Saifuddin Soz had said something controversial like this. Last year, he had courted controversy by saying that he would have held a dialogue with Hizbul Mujahideen commander Burhan Wani if he was not killed by security forces in 2016.

While talking to a TV news channel, Soz had said, “Burhani Wani should have stayed alive so that I could have had a dialogue with him. I would have explained to him that Kashmir can become a strong bridge of friendship between India and Pakistan and he (Wani) could also be of help (in achieving it). But he is dead now.”

Where the whole nation is talking about inclusivity at this time the Congress party is giving free hand to Pakistan and people who are sitting across borders plotting all the terror activities in Kashmir. They can’t see the visible changes occurring in the valley. Earlier the situation in Kashmir was worse, No one can go out after 7 pm but now it has improved to a larger extent. Congress leaders are even betraying the trust of Armymen who are sacrificing their lives in the valley.

Source : TimesNowNews