The four great institutions that were destroyed in the name of secularism in India!

If one were to look at the list of Secular countries in the world, one would not be surprised at one fact – no country where Islam is practiced in majority, except for the erstwhile members of the Soviet Union, is in that list. One more fact is glaring & that is that where the population of these ‘secular’ countries is majorly Christian or Catholic, the Church does play an important role in the formulation of laws, eg. Abortion laws, and in the government elected. Probably India is the only country in that list, where secularism actually means that the Majority religion is to be treated like a ‘Pariah’. Again India is the only country in that list which has such a mixture of religions and where none of these religions, save for Islam and Christianity, are interested in Conversion. And again, India is the only country in that list of secular countries where the Chiefs of Armed forces, of the Judiciary, of the Political institutions, could be of a religion other than the Majority religion. Despite all this, the Majority religion is the religion which faces the charges of abuse of power. Despite all this, the Majority religion is the only religion which cannot follow its rituals without any hindrances. Howwzzaat!!! Let us take a look at four main institutions in India which are facing deep crisis because of this fake secularism which is forced upon India – ‘fake’ because there is no indication of ‘secularism’ here at all.


This is one of the foremost institutions which is facing a serious problem because of pseudo-secularism. In a country where modern education has been designed initially by the British and then followed by ‘white minded’ Indians, we have ridiculous rules followed by our educational system. Christian Missionary run schools and Islamic schools can enforce rules like Christian/Islamic prayers during assembly on their students, but they do not like enforcing the National Song ‘Vande Mataram’ since it hurts their religious sentiments.

Similarly, Islamic institutions enforce ‘hijab’ on their non-Muslim teachers and students, Christian Missionary run schools enforce knee-length dresses on their students; but neither of these institutions will allow Hindu/other religion students to wear Bindis, put Mehndi, or sport any other symbols of Hindu religion. When it comes to History, it gets even more weird. Travellers of other nations (eg. Hiuen Tsang) are quoted to show how great the rulers of Ancient India were, but quotes of Kalidasa, Bana, etc. which show the greatness of the kings of those times, are never taught. History of cruel, despotic Islamic rulers who ruled over parts of India for maybe 400 years are taught in detail, including their military themes & administration, but Hindu rulers who ruled for over 4000 years are brushed over or never taught about.

History of the British rule glosses over their atrocities like the Bengal famine, deaths of Indians in the wars abroad, freedom fighters who disagreed with Nehru-Gandhi and the actual loot of India, but teaches us how they united us and some such nonsense. What comes to the Hindu plate is Casteism, ‘Aryan’ invasion, ‘Dravidian’ tribals being driven away to the South, Sati, atrocities on the Shudras & Dalits and yes, Rajputs who sided with Akbar. All the rest (including Vedas) are forgotten.

But the worst is the recent ruling on the Right To Education (RTE). RTE in effect is applicable only on Hindu Private Schools but NOT on Minority run institutions like Madrassas, Convent schools, etc. Why? There is absolutely no logic in this. If these minority run schools have loopholes to cover every law, why then is the Government supporting these institutions with the tax-payers money? Any answer – Yes, it is Secularism at work.


One of the main pillars of any country is the Media, the watchdogs. Today, their status in India is such that people have forgotten the ‘watch’ & use only the rest of the word for describing them. And it does not come as a surprise any more. The MSM have literally forgotten about the basic rule of reporting – Investigation and presentation of the truth. They are now just reduced to showing how disciplining students is an act of Suppression by the Government, vandalism of religious places by drunkards are acts of trampling of minority rights, taking stern measures against goondaism is an act of brute Saffronization … you get the hint. They walk on their toes worried about disturbing Minority sentiments when it comes to lakhs of families affected by the Triple Talaaq and Conversion by Evangelists, but roar like lions when it comes to entry to women into the 2 or 3 temples which are different from the thousands of temples which show no such distinction. If this is not pseudo-secularism, please tell me what is? Why should the Media stoop to this level, if it were not for the colour of money pumped in from the corrupt and the powerful?


From all the institutions in the country, this is the institution which saddens me the most, when it comes to pseudo-secularism. When the judiciary becomes prey to appeasement, it only makes laws – it does not dispense with Justice. One of the foremost decisions which comes to mind, is the Ram Janma Bhoomi case. When it was discovered that there was an ancient Temple beneath the Masjid, keeping justice in mind, the court could have passed a judgement keeping the sentiment of natural justice. But they chose to defer judgement after allowing biased historians to present false statements, even though these historians declared in court that they had not studied the documents or archaeological evidences. Mind you, this happened after Independence, not during British rule.

Even now the honourable Court does not want to make a bold decision, just because they are afraid of dispensing justice. The ruling in the RTE is another such judgement. When Hindus avoid selling flats to non-vegetarians, non Hindus, it is considered a travesty, but the same courts allow for other religions to have their own buildings, associations, societies, where people who don’t follow their religion cannot purchase flats or offer prayers even. Justice is partially dispensed in Godhra and not dispensed at all in Delhi (Riots after Indira Gandhi’s assassination). If all this is not pseudo-secularism, what is? Should the Judiciary listen to its conscience and dispense with Justice equally for all, or is it that only those without any powerful backing should bear the burden of being just?


Now this is the main pillar on which our Bharat stands tall. And this the very pillar which is rusted the most, no thanks to pseudo-secularism. Even a knowledgeable child will tell you how elections are fought in this country. It is based on caste and religion, mainly religion. If you are a Hindu, you may vote for any party of this country, but if you are a Christian or a Muslim, you cannot vote for any party other than the one that your religious head tells you to. And if you vote for Shiv Sena or BJP, you are doomed, because they will do various imaginary things to your religion, which can’t even be explained (mainly because there is nothing that they will actually do).

Mamta Banerjee can and will stop Durga Maa from being immersed on the 10th day to make way for Moharram processions, but if Ganapati Visarjan affects traffic in Mumbai, it is public nuisance. Killing thousands of animals during holy days of other religions is Celebration, but protecting animals is Saffronization. Thousands of people attend the funeral procession of terrorists and if anybody objects, it is a violation of freedom, but if the army or law of the land tries to stop these terrorists, it is considered a blatant misuse of power. A country which has to pass laws to enforce its citizens to stand up during the National Anthem being played, and repeatedly has to remind people about this law, is a country which has forgotten its own pride. Imagine a situation where a politician publicly challenges the law to enforce this rule – this is the state of democracy in our country.

The National song cannot be enforced because it involves the words ‘Salutation to the Motherland’ – something which some people cannot swallow, because for them their religion is more important than the country which they live in, eat in and earn in. Can secularism cannot ensure love for the motherland? Then is it only Hindus and Sikhs, Parsees, Jains & Buddhists, who should protect democracy and openly declare that they love India first and foremost? If so, then the country should also pander to only their desires first, openly, right?

The fact is that our Bharat has a large heart & one does not need the word ‘Secular’ to show how much She loves all Her children, irrespective of the religion they profess. We should be a truly secular nation if we want to be one, not one which states Secularism but believes in favouritism to all religions which only whine and complain. Let there be justice for all. Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikaas – Truly.

Rati Hegde