Four major developments in the month of August which set new direction for India…Know what are they!

The month of August 2017 will be remembered for long. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had always reiterated new direction for new India. His words now seems to be a reality as the country is all set for building New India.

For the first time in the history, the Congress is not in power in any of the top position of PM, Vice President or President. The entire government is in the hands of 3 Nationalists unlike few people who sold Indian Intelligence secrets to other countries.

Take a look at the chain of events in August which may well become the turning points…..

On August 21, the most debated Malegaon blast accused Col Purohit was granted bail by the Supreme Court after the NIA and ATS failed to produce evidence even after 9 years of his arrest. This definitely is a start of bad days for criminals who framed Col Purohit in fake Hindu Terror plot for their political games.

On August 22, The most awaited Triple Talaq judgement was given abolishing the cruel, unlawful act which has set a stepping stone for the one Nation One Law. PM Modi who always stress on women empowerment has proved his commitment by supporting the petitioner in the triple Talaq verdict and expressing happiness over the verdict.

On August 26, another historic verdict was delivered by the special CBI court, pronouncing the fake Baba Ram Rahim guilty in 2002 rape case. Despite massive pressure on courts by Ram Rahim, the judge has upheld the institution which has proved that judiciary is now getting strong. It is very apparent how the government is providing judiciary full support not just in recent cases, but has given full assistance to end the most controversial cases of Ram Mandhir, 1984 Anti Sikh Riots and Bofors.

On 29th August, the most sensitive issue of Doklam standoff between India and China came to an end as China agreed to put an halt to the road construction project in Doklam, after which, India and China agreed to take back their troops from the border. This was a massive win for India as the issue was not about border, but road construction. China initially threatened India and used all its might to push their agenda, but India under the leadership of PM Modi stood firm which made China realise it was not 1962 anymore!!!

These four events have one strong message…..“Time for Corrupts, criminals and anti Nationals is definitely over and the people of the country are all set to embrace the New India where all are equal with the slogan One Nation, One Law!!!

Aishwarya S