Fourth Estate is a pillar of democracy or terror machinery of propagandist?

The threat to life is the biggest threat anyone could imagine. For a nation, it’s the loss of a citizen’s life that is the biggest threat it faces. Would it be too out of the box to suggest that one of the pillars of our democracy, the fourth estate or the press is to a great extent aiding the biggest threat to our nation today terrorism?

Back in the day when all-out wars were a constant reality the Armed forces went to protect the nation’s sovereignty and it’s people. The citizens, in turn, supported their army by doing whatever they could possibly do such as donate blood, sell their jewelry to fund the exchequer, ration the supplies to ensure there was no scarcity of gains. In between the two stood the fourth pillar of our democracy, the press and it acted a medium, which told both parties how the other not only knew what was being done for them but also appreciated the sacrifices.

Today, war isn’t what it once used to be but while the soldier is still out there putting everything he/ she has on the line for us against all enemies, a major portion of India”™s mainstream media is parroting the enemy’s agenda.

Hasn’t the idea sunk in that in this day and age war isn’t recognizable for it isn’t conventional cross-border fighting but more on the lines of enemy sponsored guerilla warfare, insurgencies, fuelling separatist movements within India? India has a hostile active enemy nation like Pakistan on the west and a somewhat dormant and veiled yet unfriendly nation in the East in the form of China. The former openly supports terrorist outfits and latter in all likelihood could be fueling the communist’s movement in Indian states as well as the Naxals, Maoists and such that echo its ideology and can help weaken India”s unity. There is more than enough documented evidence that doesn’t leave much to the imagination to accept that Pakistan fuels the “Jihadist” and “Kashmir separatism”movements.

In such a scenario what can one make of leading journalists going out of their way to proclaim that Burhan Wani isn’t a terrorist but that it’s an abatement of an anti-India sentiment? What gives that a leading national daily can put the slain terror monger’s funeral procession as the backdrop picture on one of its social media portals? One could push the boundaries of sanity to somewhere force a regular mind to see shenanigans such as these to be some sort of a wrapped effort to give a platform to a sentiment that is often drowned by a majority”¦ But even then nothing can explain a major portion of mainstream media to paint anti-national elements in the same light as a Bhagat Singh. And, yes this claim also blatantly ignores the said person’s self-confessed jihadi callings.

This is the same media that stupidly pictured Sanjay Dutt going to Yerawada prison the same as Mahatma Gandhi going to the said prison during his anti-British movement. Dutt played a character in a film that imagines the Mahatma speaking to him and therefore many journalists found Dutt”™s incarceration at Yerawada for his role in the 1993 Bombay serial blasts to be an extension of his character in Lage Raho Munna Bhai going to the prison like Bapu. A few days ago a much-celebrated leading journalist tweeted the flight details of para-military forces being sent to Kashmir and even though this incident rekindled the memories of the same scribe possibly revealing the location of a bunker during 1999 Kargil War that cost lives of Indian soldiers, it was just another day at work for her.

Why do journalists responsible for aiding terrorists by disclosing Army locations, movements that cost lives of its soldiers still continue unabated? Moreover, their acceptance in the mainstream is such an understood and accepted norm that the idea to suggest that ISI links should be explored seems neurotic to most. Add to that the likes of a few Pakistani journalists who could very well be ‘honey traps’ that with their lovely faces and sweet tongues appear to speak responsibly and yet always end up peddling the idea that India is at fault in all cases with Pakistan. This when Pakistan has been caught with its hand in the cookie jar when it comes to funding terror be it 26/11 Mumbai terror acts to the latest bloodshed in Kashmir with their open support to Hizbul Mujahedeen.

Organizations such as the LeT or ISI are openly supporting terrorism in Kashmir. Even in the light of these known facts Indian journalists question their own government and fault their own Armed forces. The recent praise showered on Barkha Dutt by the Jamat-Ud-Dawa chief Hafiz Saeed, who holds a bounty of $10 million, for having a similar position as his on Kashmir repulsed Barkha Dutt but such a statement doesn’t find any mention in mainstream Indian media. Try a simple Google search – hafiz Saeed praises Barkha Dutt  and you won’t see a single big Indian publication/ channel talk about this. Why?

Media plays a crucial role in changing and influencing the thoughts of the people. With a mixed bag of compromised journalists who place everything else above India is leading not only the youth but also most readers to a point where nothing but what they say should be seen as the truth Odd isn’t it?

Post Card Team