France raids 200 mosques, what they found revealed the dark truth of Islam!

The West has been the new ‘epicentre’ of terrorism in the recent times. Deadly attacks have taken place in America repeatedly. France, Germany, and England – just to name a few of the other countries – have also been victims of gruesome terror attacks.

No one can forget the blood-curdling attacks that took place in Paris in November 2015. The attacks claimed more than 130 lives and over 350 people were injured. The West along with the rest of the world went into shock.

France vowed to take revenge. Along with conducting air strikes on ISIS camps, France did something else in an attempt to discover more about more nefarious plots being hatched against its people – it has been conducting raids on Mosques.

Over 200 Mosques have been raided since the Paris attacks, and on one such raid the French police discovered something chilling. They found a large collection of 7.62 Kalashnikov ammo along with boxes of ISIS propaganda videos. The police found a revolver hidden behind other such objectionable documents that carried propaganda on how to spread Jihad in France.

They found recordings of chants glorifying the proponents of Jihad who’d been killed, terrorists linked to Jabhat Al-Nusra which is the Syrian branch of Al-Qaeda. These were found in an undeclared madrassa.

France has arrested around 230 Muslims and raided over 2300 homes. They’ve found over 300 weapons that were stashed away in secret locations.

France’s Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said, “In 15 days we have seized one-third the quantity of war-grade weapons that we usually seize in a year.”

It’s but natural that some people were hiding their real intentions in the garb of religion. And no better place to do that than at a holy location such as a mosque which provides a great deal of immunity.

One of the reasons why the West is reeling under the constant threat of terrorism is because they never recognized terrorism in its true identity – a propagated disease based on a demented ideology that could spread its roots to every corner of the world. They simply saw it as a law and order problem that third-world nations suffer from. And probably, that decades-old ignorance is proving to be very costly for these nations.

Vinayak Jain**