Francisco Pereira, the man who vendalised Christian crosses in Goa arrested; Where are the seculars who initially blamed BJP & Hindu organisations?

Goa police have arrested-fifty year old man in Curchorem for allegedly being involved in vandalising cross and desecration of religious places.

Mr. Aravind Gawas, Superintendent of South Goa police said to the media that the accused Francisco Pereira was a habitual offender and admitted that he had been involved in many cases from past 14 years. The accused said to the police that he ‘casually’ vandalised 12 crosses over the last fortnight with no intention to create an enmity.

The crosses in least 12 places and a temple had been vandalised in the south Goa since July 1. With the arrest of Pereira, Police hoping that they could able to crack over 150 cases of desecration of religious places, reported in last 15 years.

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Pereira was arrested by Special Investigation Team (SIT) of Goa police on last night while he was attempting to desecrate a cross at Curtorim village, around 20Km far from the residence of the accused.

A senior police officer said that “the police team spotted Pereira attempting to damage the cross. On seeing the policemen, he tried to run away, but the police managed to nab him. During preliminary investigation, the accused admitted that he’s been desecrating the crosses over the last fortnight”.

Earlier, on raising this issue, State Chief Minister Manohar Parikkar said that “Specific attempts are being made to create tension in the region. These acts will not be tolerated. The culprits will face the music, once they are arrested”.


The desecration of religious places and the crosses been claimed by the media as Hindus vandalising it for the religious revolts. But, truth revealed that an old man in his fifties been doing these desecration from past 14 years all over the Goa State. It’s unfortunate and shocking that the crosses had been vandalised from their own community man and the media been blaming Hindus. Isn’t it obvious that Hindus being blamed by mainstream media and political leaders without a knowledge of Truth? We just need to see what actions will be taken on this issue which created tension and enmity in Goa state. This issue was raised once during election of Goa and ‘Sick’ular Media shown that Hindus vandalising the crosses and the political party BJP been blamed.

Sushmitha Saptharshi