Freedom of speech and expression good only when used to mock PM Modi and Hindus, Derek O Brien displays hypocrisy in the floor of the Parliament!

Five years back, we could say that main stream media dominated the world, influenced the thinking of every person especially in politics, secularism and liberalism. People believed what they saw on TV news, debates and reports. Very few people bothered to really understand the situation or analyse the facts.

The main stream media eventually turned out to be a hate mongering machine and mouth piece of so called secular political parties. The media hyped and highlighted those issues which favours their pseudo secular parties and hid the real situation on ground. The appeasement of political classes towards certain sections of society crossed all limits that they went to an extent of supporting terrorists and anti national elements just to score political brownie points and win votes.

The biggest threat to these pseudo secular parties and pseudo journalists came with the popularity of social media. In past three years the social media has literally demolished the relevance of the main stream media and their fake stories. The political parties which used these media to spread hate, violence and create riots among people are exposed to the world on social media.

This is exactly why the media and all pseudo secular parties have gone against social media activists and online websites like Postcard news. Since 2 months, the main stream media, especially NDTV along with their friends in Congress have made personal attacks on Postcard news and spread malicious campaign calling the articles fake. More than 10 articles have been written by Congress supporters and so called secular parties targeting the postcard website.

Exposing Arundhati Roy, NDTV Ravish Kumar’s brother sex scandal, Mamata Banerjee’s hate towards Hindus, riots, violence in Bengal came as a undigestable issue to these politicians. They started all out war against many online portals including postcard news.

Today, TMC MP Derek O Brien made a shameless speech in Rajya Sabha blaming postcard of spreading fake news on Bengal riots. This man said the postcard published fake pictures of Bangladesh violence and Bojpuri film scenes and linked it to Bengal violence.

Firstly, Derek O Brien should provide proof when and where did the Postcard news use a Bojpuri film scenes in our article, he should show when did postcard news use Bangladesh violence pictures and depict it as Bengal violence?? The article on Bangladesh infiltration and terrorism was written few months back, long before the Baduria anti Hindu riots broke out in Bengal over Facebook post. So the article was clearly not related to Baduria riots.

The information published in the article was according to the inputs provided by the Intelligence Agencies to various sources and not a make up story as claimed by Derek O Brien.

Shocking!!! Central Intelligence agencies confirm the involvement of Lashkar in West Bengal riots; But you will be shocked to know why Mamata is blaming BJP

Secondly, the Mamata Banerjee government which arrested a teenager over a face book post gives lecture on freedom of speech and expression? Where was the FoE when they arrested a small boy and harassed him in police station. Did this man Derek O Brien and his party arrest those radical Islamists who demanded the state government to punish the teenager in public according to Sharia laws? Did he question those people who chanted Pakistan Zindabad during the riots?

Just few days back, Derek O Brien wanted to project himself as the mascot of liberalism after few people used dog filter to PM Modi’s image. He gave a big lecture about humor and took the dog filter challenge only to support those people who mocked PM Modi. But this man had no spine to use the dog filter on his own leader Mamata Banerjee.

Where was the FoE when this man was arrested?

So, for these people FoS and FoE are good only when it favors them, the moment people start exposing the real face of these pseudo secular parties, they will be the first one to crib about FoS. This man who called Postcard news a BJP-RSS run website should first check facts before he rants nonsense in the Rajya Sabha.

Let this man Derek O Brien show proof who is that BJP or RSS person running the website Postcard news. Time and again the media mafia run by pseudo journalists and pseudo political parties have attacked postcard news just because we have been ruthless in exposing those criminals and traitors in the country who are ruining the country in the name of secularism and appeasement politics.

Aishwarya S