Chapter 25: The Dora Bissoi, Hero Of Ghumsar Uprising Who Fought Against British To Safeguard Interest Of Kondh People!

Saga of fight for Independence!

Chapter 25: Kamala Lochan Dora Bissoi

Ghumsar was one of the oldest Zamindaries of Southern India. It is believed that the Sailodvavas ruled over this region. Afterwards, the Bhanja dynasty established themselves with their full glory. Ghumsar witnessed continuous rebellions and uprisings against foreign rule of British East India Comapany covering over 113 years from 1753 till 1866. It is oldest among the Zamindaries of Ganjam. Presently it is identified with the whole of North-Western part of the Bhanjanagar. The Kondhs who were the natives of this place regarded the Bhanja Rajas of Ghumsar as their protectors, who used to decide their tribal disputes. The person who maintained liaison between the Kondhs and the Rajas was an officer designated as Dora Bissoi. The Rajas appointed him as his deputy in the Kondh tracts to look after the affairs there.


After concluding an agreement of peace with Krushna Bhanja, the Raja of Ghumsar, General Bussy left Ghumsar for Ganjam and then for Madras. Subsequently, Ganjam passed into the hands of the British. The Company Officials frequently interfered with the affairs of succession in the Zamindari.
So the Rajas of Ghumsar rose in rebellion against in the Company authority in defence of their hereditary rights, status and power. The rebellious conduct of the Rajas and non-payment of necessary tribute by them led the British to take over the Ghumsar estate in 1836.
The immediate cause of rebellion in Ghumsar was the common dissatisfaction at the arbitrary dissolution of the age-old institution of Rajaship in the estate. They earnestly desired the restoration of the Bhanja family to power.


The leader of the rebellion in Ghumsar after the British annexation in 1836, was famous Kamala Lochana Dora Bissoi. He belonged to the hereditary feudal family of Dora Bissoi of the Kondh tribe of Ghumsar. In addition to his being Dora Bissoi, Kamala Lochan received the title of “Birahara Patro” from the Raja Dhananjaya Bhanja. He had also the distinction of being the “Abhaya” (The defender) of the Jakro tribe of Kondhs.
The Kondhs found a leader in the person of Kamala Lochan Dora Bissoi, who made it a mass movement. Several contingents of troops were posted at several strategic points like Kondhs. Nuagam, Bellaguntha, Nimapadara, Chamunda, Buguda, Vishnuchakra, Pailipada, Badaborosing, Aska and Sorada to suppress the rebellion led by Dora Bissoi.
When George Edward Russel came to Ghumsar as its special commissioner in 1836, reward of rupees five thousand was declared for the apprehension of Dora Bissoi. But the Kondhs extended no assistance to the government for the capture of their leader.
The Dora and his followers attacked a British detachment of 35 men in the Kurmingia mountain. They created fear among the British soldiers and officers by their daring acts. Russel made a determined bid to move proved to be of no avail. The Dora then took resort to trickery to incite the Kondhs against the Government. He spread a rumour that the Government would impose several taxes on the Kondhs. This rumour worked well.
The Kondh rebellions sparked off at different parts of the Kondh high lands. The Government issued a proclamation and urged the Kondhs to assist the Government for apprehension of the Dora and his men. The proclamation left no impact on the Kondhs, who continued to resist the British authority under their charismatic leader Dora Bissoi. The Government ultimately succeeded in capturing almost all the followers of Dora Bissoi except their leader. All the relations of Dora Bissoi, his Sardars, Naiks, and Paiks were either killed or captured. Dora Bissoi became a wandering fugitive. He moved to the Angul estate. The Angul Raja Somanath Singh arrested Dora Bissoi and handed over him to the Government for which he received the stipulated reward of Rupees five thousand. Dora Bissoi was captured in 1837 and thereafter he was sent to Ooty near Madras, where he died as a state prisoner in 1846

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