Chapter 23 : Madhukar Shah A Brave Son Of India Who Led The Bundela Rebellion And Fought For Freeing Bundelkhand From Clutches Of British!

Saga of fight for Independence!

Chapter  23: Madhukar Shah

Madhukar Shah was a freedom fighter who contributed in the Bundela uprising against the British East India Company and fought for the freedom of the Bundelkhand.

He fought in the year 1842, and sacrificied his life fighting with the British! When madhukar was young he realised that the British Rule is dominating over the society. The people of Bundelkhand were into suffering and pain. They were oppresssed by the British officials.

During 1832 to 1842 Madhukar Shah remained an active participant struggling against the British Rule and to free the Bundelkhand from their cruelty. The struggle by Madhukar Shah began to spread like the fire among the people making the British officials angry.

The districts of Sagar and Damoh was given to the Peshwa of Poona by the Bundela Raja Chhastrasal. After the deposition of the Peshwa by the Lord Hastings, these districts were ceded to the British in 1818. But it was not till March, 1818 that this region could be occupied by the British. The district of Mandla, Betul, Seoni and the Narmada Valley were taken possession of by the company after the defeat of Appa Sahib in the Battle of Sitabaldi.

The Revolt:

In 1820 the entire land, designated as the Sagar Narmada territory was placed under an agent to the Governor – General. in 1842 there was an upsurge in the Sagar -Narmada territory against the British tyranny. Jawahar Singh Bundela of Chandrapur and Madhukar Shah of Narhat were the leaders of the revolt. They were joined by the Gond Raja Dilhan Shah of MAdanpur, Raja Hirde Shah of Hirapur and several other chiefs including those of Narasinghpur.

The British forces tried utmost to curb the Bundela upsurge. It took them more than a year to capture Hirde Shah and Madhukar Shah. Madhukar Shah was Publicly executed and his body was burnt behind the Sagar jail. Madhukar Shah became a popular hero and is glorified in the popular folklore of Central India.

His sacrifice and courage sparked the rebellions across central India and the fight against the British gained momentum in coming years.

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