From building Ram Mandir to women entering into Sabarimala , RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat has said something that Indians cannot ignore!

Stressing on the recent Supreme Court verdict, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) chief Mohan Bhagwat in his annual Vijayadashami speech mentioned that the Supreme Court has forgotten about the nature and dignity of tradition and has not taken it into account. Supreme Court decisions these days seem to be practical and not respecting Hindu sentiments.

This decision by the Supreme Court regarding the entry of women to Sabarimala Temple has led to repeated number of unrest among the Hindus in these frequent days. Hindus have now started questioning as why only the Hindu society experiences such repeated and brazen onslaughts on its symbols of faith. These acts by the Supreme Court has been hurting people’s beliefs and long followed traditions were not taken into consideration.

“This situation is not at all conducive for the peace and healthiness of the society,” the Sarsanghchalak said in his annual Vijayadashmi address, the last before the 2019 Lok Sabha polls, at the RSS headquarters.

“The version of heads of religious denominations and faith of crores of devotees was not taken into account. The plea by a large section of women, who follow this tradition, was not heard too,” he noted.

The words delivered by the RSS Chief turned to be true as the gates of Sabarimala were opened for women, there was seen a wide number of protests and outrage against those women who tried to enter the temple. And this protest has been turning worse with each day. While the Supreme Court passes such decisions, it must also ensure the safety of the ones who implement it.

Bhagwat said, “Nowhere in the world, healthy and peaceful social life has ever thrived and can thrive merely based on laws and fear of punishment.”

Later talking about the Ram Temple issue, Bhagwat said that it is a matter of pride for Hindus and building it will bring about a feeling of oneness and goodwill in the country. Ram is a “Gauravpurush” and Mughal emperor Babur is an enemy who made everyone suffer, he added.

The RSS chief also slammed ‘urban-Naxals’ and threw his weight behind the government urging the people to vote for the government ending speculation if RSS will support BJP in 2019 election campaign. Bhagwat urged the people to vote for BJP as they will bring the country together and not break it apart.

RSS believes in respecting those traditions that have remained and have been preserved since years together. Changing those traditions within no time and delivering lack of adequate reasons to the decision is not right. Well, this is what the Congress has been doing since a long time now. But the BJP will believed to restore these treasures of our country.

Source: Timesnow news

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