From Hollywood to Bollywood stars, here’s the list of celebrities who converted to Hinduism!

Apart from those forced conversions and illegal attracting of people into Christianity and Islam by Missionaries, people all over the world have witnessed a number of examples where a handsome number of popular names have chosen “Hinduism” over any other religion.

For those who are on a verge of confusion, “Hinduism is not really a religion but surprisingly it is a way of life”.
The religion is about a rich context to the practices. The teachings of this religion have always attracted people from all around the world. Some of the well-known personalities have visited India to seek spirituality. Many Hollywood stars have even converted to Hinduism after getting fascinated by the religion and its practises.

We have witnessed Celebrities change their Religion & Name based on one’s interest and choice. Most of the celebrities do not use their real name into their career and are given a Screen name to try on their luck in the industry.

While most celebrities have changed their religion for spiritual peace, some celebrities have also converted for the Love of their lives. Each one of these have claimed and told the world that they chosen the religion over their own choice and preference. While some stories seem to be obvious and some stories inspire the very soul of a human going through them.

Take a look at few of them:

Miley Cyrus

Not many know that this Pop singer and Actress, who is famous for blasphemous content, is actually a Hindu worshiper. Sometime back, she was in the News for sharing a picture of “Lakshmi Pooja” in her house for better finances. She shared the picture of the whole setup on her Instagram account and pleasantly surprised her Indian fans by this act. And indeed the picture was loved by each one of them.

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Julia Roberts

She is an Oscar-winning actor, writer, producer, philanthropist and yes a Hindu!! Right from her teenage she wanted to be a vegetarian, lives doing yoga and is compassionate about nature and animals.

It was in the year, 2010 she confirmed that she believes in Hinduism and also follows it. She says, Hinduism must be followed as they are very compassionate, tranquility and nature loving people. She follows an early 19th century Hindu Baba from Uttar Pradesh named “Neem Karoli Baba”. And visits a Hindu temple in Los Angles daily for her prayers.

Her husband Daniel Moder and their children too “chant, pray and celebrate on a regular basis”.

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George Harrison

This popular musician converted from Christianity to Hinduism in the mid 1960’s. His ashes were scattered in the Ganges and Yamuna rivers in India after he died in the year 2001.

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Nargis Dutt

This Bollywood Actress, Politician and Social Worker was happy enough to be a Hindu after she fell in Love with Sunil Dutt ( a well-known Bollywood actor). Nargis changed her name to Niramala Dutt after she adopted Hinduism and married Sunil Dutt.  Both led a happy marriage.

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For all those unaware of the name Nayanthara, she is a well-known name in South Indian cinema world and has given top performances in many a movies. Previously known as, Diana Mariam Kurian had taken the name Nayanthara as her Screen name.

Born and grew up in a Kerala Christian household, she was named Diana Mariam Kurian and was baptized as such. A born catholic adopted Hinduism after she fell in love with Prabhu Deva, the dance sensation.

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Among the many questions hurled at her after the adoption of Hinduism,she chose to answer them back firm.“The decision to become a Hindu was entirely mine, she said. To confirm her new faith, she added “ I went through the entire Shuddhi ceremony with passion, conviction and dedication”.

Zubeida Begum

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Not a well-known name among the Youth of today, this Film actress chose to be a Hindu after the marriage. The actress whose life story the film “Zubeidaa” was based portrayed her conversion to Hinduism upon marriage. A Shia by birth, Zubeida converted according to Arya Samaj rites to marry Maharaja Hanwant Singh of Jodhpur in the year 1950. Later on chose the name as “Vidya Rani”.

Kushboo Sundar

Not many know that the Popular South Indian Actress and Producer, “Kushboo” was a girl born in a Muslim Family namely “Nakhat Khan”. Worked in over 200 films in multiple regional languages such as Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and even Hindi. She later converted herself to Hinduism in the year 2000 and married the South Director Sundar C.

While some of the trolls alleged that she has ‘hidden’ her real identity to make political gains. But calling them out and that too in style, the southern star had tweeted out, saying “YES I AM A KHAN,” asking trolls to wake up to face a 47 year old fact!!

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