From Rs 33 crore to Rs 4.28 lakh crore!!! This is how Yogi Adityanath transformed the Goonda Raj into Ram Rajya

The “Islamic State Of Yadav Pradesh”, Yes!!! you read it right, this was a suitable name for Uttar Pradesh a few years back because this was actually the condition of  Uttar Pradesh under the Akhilesh Yadav government. The atmosphere of Uttar Pradesh was completed devastated under Goondaraj, racist Muslim appeasement, corruption and there prevailed chaos everywhere.

But then the D- day arrived “11 March 2017”, Bharatiya Janata Party inscribed his name in golden words by emerging victorious with 325 seats in the assembly elections and a ray of light entered to Uttar Pradesh in the form of “Yogi Adityanath” when he swore as the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh.

Some people were sceptic about the appointment of Yogi as a Chief Minister of UP.They thought this was a blunder by Modi and BJP. It is not easy to govern UP given its geographical spread and huge population of 200 million .But Yogi has slapped such people quite hard and  proved them all wrong and is doing much better not only in UP but in other states also for BJP .

The transformation then started under Yogi Adityanaath didn’t include any full stop and is continually on the road to progress. Not only in one area, In each and every sphere from “gundaraaj to raamraaj” from “kaamchor to workaholic”  from “undeveloped” to “developed”, Uttar Pradesh is on its way of becoming “Uttam Pradesh”

Let’s have a look at journey of Uttar Pradesh becoming Uttam Pradesh under Yogi

Most recent development : Uttar Pradesh Investor’s Summit

2015: CM Akhilesh Yadav held investors meet in Mumbai for attracting investors in UP.People notice!!! Investors meet in Mumbai  for attracting investors in Uttar Pradesh.

And upon this he signs deals for Rs 33 crore in Mumbai investor meet. According to Yadav, there is a wide difference between the perception of people have about Uttar Pradesh and the ground reality. I think even Mr. Akhilesh has different perception about Uttar Pradesh and the ground reality .That’s why even he didn’t organize the investors meet in Uttar Pradesh.

2018: After 10 months of formation of new Government, Yogi Adityanath held an investors summit in Lucknow. And results are visible.Deals  of Rs 4.28 trillion and that also only on Day 1.Fortune-500 companies participated in this summit.1,045 MoU’s worth Rs 4.28 trillion was signed and coincidently the same amount of  budget of Rs 4.28 trillion was presented this time by the Yogi Government, the largest budget  ever in Uttar Pradesh so far. Uttar Pradesh is heading towards becoming a new UP.This is the magic of Yogiji and ground reality Of Uttar Pradesh and the wrong perception of Mr. Akhilesh

It is the day and night hard work and efforts of Yogi Adityanaath that made it possible.Also the crackdown of criminals have contributed in this.

Crackdown on Criminals

The crackdown on criminals ushered since coming to power and is continually going on to make it a safe Pradesh for people as well as investors coming there.

Some of the other small but  noteworthy developments

Electricity: Earlier people used to get only 7-8 hrs of electricity  a day but now there are getting it 16-17 hrs.

Road Construction: Conditions of roads has been improved to large extent and time taken by one to travel has widely reduced

Cleanliness: Cleaniness drive is unmatchable .Toilets are build rapidly, villages are being developed.People are really happy with the work .

Hospitality: Government hospitals and schools have improved a lot

Removal of Education Mafia : Strict rules and regulations in education sector.Successful in eradicating Education Mafia .

Digital Media : Biometric system  introduced, ambiguity disappeared and fake accounts came into limelight.

And the list is long and goes on……..

But one thing is quite clear. Undoubtedly Uttar Pradesh is changing and will continue to move at  this pace only. Yogi Adityanaath along with PM Modi’s guidance and blessings, UP is heading towards development and shedding its “Bimaru” tag.

Shivika Chawla


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