From Viklang (disabled) To Divyang (differently abled), This Is How Modi Government Is Fulfilling Their Aspirations!

Since ages,differently abled have had their own set of challenges.In spite of all these challenges they still bring glory to the country.

Keeping this in mind, Modi government has extended their support to empower them. The first step was to address them as Divyang (to seep encouragement) instead of Viklang(a demotivating word)

In the popular Mann Kind Baat radio program, NaMo suggested to address them using the word Divyang (differently abled) instead of Viklang (disabled). This has brought in a huge change in the society and their outlook towards Divyangjan.

Under the ministry of social justice and empowerment, President presented National Awards for Divyangjan Empowerment-2017 on the day of international day of persons with disabilities. 

Steps taken by Modi government to empower Divyangjan:

1.Reservation in Government sector from 3% to 4%: With this step, divyangjan are treated equally boosting empowerment.

Ira Singhal is the first differently abled woman to top the civil services exam in the general category. She has achieved this feat after four attempts.

2.Nirmaya Swasthya Bhima Yojana: In order to ensure their good health, Divyangjan are provided insurance cover of upto Rs.1 lakh under Nirmaya Swasthya Bhima Yojana.

3.Aids and assistive devices:  In the last five years, government has distributed aids and assistive devices of worth Rs.900 crores.

4.Special dictionary for Indian sign language: A special dictionary of 6000 words were prepared for Indian sign language.

5.National database for Divyangjan: In order to issue e-Unique Identification cards for Divyangjan, a national database is created. More than 25 lakh have this card.

6.Infrastructure: More than 1000 government buildings and over 700 railway stations are made accessible for them.

Apart from these, for the first time,”speech and language disability,and specific learning disability” have been included in the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act,2016.

Differently abled people never need inspiration but encouragement to inspire others.With such schemes launched,Divyanjan are empowering like never before!


Anagha Mahishi


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