Frustrated by the BJP’s rise, Mamata Banerjee says “Congress can’t win on its own”

In a big setback to Congress President Rahul Gandhi, Trinmool Chief and West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee has slammed the kingpin of Congress and accused him of letting BJP rise to such highest level. She said that Congress party is not capable of winning the elections alone and failed to present a tough fight to BJP due to which BJP has become so popular

“Congress cannot form the government on its own; it will have to seek help from others. It is because Congress failed to put up a fight against the BJP, the saffron party grew from strength to strength,” Mamata Banerjee said in West Bengal.She also hit at PM Modi Government and alleged that the Narendra Modi-led party does not ‘like West Bengal and Bengali’.

“BJP doesn’t like West Bengal and Bengalis that is why they have stopped the process of renaming the state to Bangla. In every state, alliances have been formed to oust Modi. Once he is voted out of power, all of us can work together to build a new India,” she added.

This shows how the Mahagathbandhan is shaken. The parties very well know that they stand nowhere in front of BJP and this show the fear of them by the presence and popularity of the BJP. Right now only they are blaming each other, just imagine what will happen if by chance they comes to power. They will keep on fighting with each other and destroy the nation. We need a stable Government not an unstable alliance that only thinks about their being in power not the nation

And one thing which the opposition should keep in mind, BJP has become popular in the nation and has its presence in PAN INDIA due to its capability. The development that BJP has delivered in the 5 years, these parties has not been able to deliver in so many years. They have just looted the nation during their rule and have destroyed the nation and filled their own pockets and made their own grand empires