Funds meant for state govt schemes were diverted for election campaign purposes by Kamal Nath govt?

The 2019 Lok Sabha election is just hours away but the Congress party has entangled itself in yet another scam. Days ago the income tax department had conducted several raids linked to Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath and said that it detected widespread and well-organized racket of collection of unaccounted cash of about Rs 281 crore”. This included a transfer of Rs 20 crore to the headquarter of a major political party in Delhi.

After this raid made a buzz in the national political arena, Republic TV managed to get hold of a sensational dairy note which pointed at serious misappropriation of funds by the Kamal Nath government. Investigation of Republic TV stated “The notings, shockingly, carry values of funds in lakhs, against various state government departments and schemes including- PWD, excise, mining, transport, Po Aahar, energy, etc, on one side, and on another note, ‘expenses’, including with mentions of ‘PCC’ and ‘DELHI-AICC'”. This hints that the funds of several government projects were directed to certain political leaders and a particular party.

Here are the entries under the ‘RECEIPTS’ note:

  • Transport- 554
  • Excise (MP)- 3622
  • EXCISE (GUJ)- 197
  • Mining- 550
  • PWD- 520
  • Urban-430
  • P Aahar-520
  • Energy department- 100

This incident couldn’t escape PM Modi’s attention as he named it as “Tughlaq Road election scam” during his campaigning at a rally in Gujarat’s Junagadh. PM Modi exposing the Congress party, stated “A new name is added to the scams of the Congress party. With evidences, a new scam has been added to the list of Congress leaders – Tughlaq Road election scam. Congress has snatched the food from the mouths of poor children to fill the stomach of its own leaders. Congress is looting the money of the schemes which are meant for pregnant women. You are seeing how stacks of money are recovered from Congress leaders. Congress’s illegal activities out in the open. There were stacks of cash raided from their houses. Earlier Karnataka was Congress their ATM, not Madhya Pradesh has also become their ATM. Congress comes to power to loot the money. Congress is only doing scams”.