What is the Future of the Congress Party, with Rahul Gandhi Leading UP Elections??

Congress which is the oldest party in the country is looking out for alliance with regional parties to come to power. The position of the Congress Party is so worse that none of the polls are giving them any chance in the elections that are coming ahead. With Rahul Gandhi at the helm of affairs, top congress leaders know very well that the party will be dusted completely if they choose to fight the elections alone. They have no other option left than seeking out an alliance with other parties to win seats as they do not have a leader with a mass appeal like its rival party BJP which has PM Narendra Modi who is a Pan India leader.

There are rumors that Congress is having back door talks with SP to form an alliance in the poll bound UP. Its interesting to mention here that Congress has already declared its CM candidate for UP elections and SP has also declared its CM candidate – Mr Akhilesh Yadav. So will the Congress ask Ms Shiela Dikshith to step aside and pass on the baton to Akhilesh? It will be interesting to see the developments as the election gets closer and closer.

One thing is very clear though, Congress has understood that it cannot win any state election on its own and is ready to go to any extent to form an alliance to stay relevant in these tough times. They are facing an existential crisis as PM Modi’s popularity is growing day by day and that is a big threat to Congress as a party. Congress had planned to bank on temporary problem faced by people due to demonetization but they now have understood the reality that common people of India have welcomed this decision with open heart and have lauded Modi for his bold move.

Congress is also finding it difficult to attract its traditional vote bank, the minority community, as BJP is taking all the necessary steps to bring justice to women of minority community on contentious issues like Triple Talaq and entry at prayer places. Congress is feeling the heat as they know that a large section of women voters of minority community will vote in favor of BJP as it is the only party working for their benefit, while all other parties are trying to woo the men of minority community even if amounts to accepting inhumane crimes faced by women.

Congress which had decided to field its candidates on all the 403 seats is now looking out for an alliance with SP and is bargaining for 100 seats. So what has made Congress come down from 403 to 100 within a few months time? Insiders say there are various factors which has effected and has left Congress with no other options. Top leader of Congress who wished to be anonymous revealed that Mr Prashanth Kishore and Rahul Gandhi do not share the rapport that Mr Kishore had shared with Mr Nitish Kumar, he also goes on to tell that it should not come as a surprise if Mr Prashnath Kishore decides to quit his role as election strategist before the UP elections.

The other important issue is that many influential leaders of Congress Party of UP are trying to establish their political future outside of Congress as they feel being with Congress would hurt them more than leaving the party. They are trying to win over the hearts of top leadership of BJP and SP to get themselves an ticket to fight the elections.

Many insiders are also telling that an alliance is just another trick to take the limelight away from Congress Supremo – Ms. Sonia Gandhi and Mr. Rahul Gandhi. The party is trying its luck with SP as if the party comes to power by the result of an alliance, it can praise the Gandhi family and if the party looses badly it can point fingers towards SP saying alliance was the reason for its defeat and had the party fought without alliance it would have come out with large number of seats. That is the very thing which Congress did when it failed badly in West Bengal, blaming CPM for its defeat and shielding Rahul Gandhi for his lack of leadership skills.

The developments happening day by day makes us wonder whether the once National Party – Congress will be reduced to a regional party with power in one or two states before 2019 elections? Only time will tell.

Ramachandra Bhat K