Game is not over Mr Siddaramayya! Karnataka Congress Minister K J George will spend rest of his life in jail?

Yet another blow to the Karnataka chief minister Siddaramayya has been inflicted by the CBI. Yes, a case has been registered against Karnataka Minister KJ George in connection with alleged suicide of Deputy Superintendent of Police MK Ganapathy that took place on July 7th, 2016.

Not just against this minister, but the case is registered even against Bengaluru City’s Additional DG, AM Prasad and Inspector-General of Police, Pronav Mohanty. This is expected to give a huge setback to Congress in the Karnataka state as assembly elections are approaching.

Why K J George is under the radar?

The death case of DySP Ganapathy had given room to several speculations. The officer had given an interview just hours before his death to a channel in which he blamed the then Karnataka Home Minister K J George of hounding him and threatening him. He had even quoted that tomorrow if he gets killed or anything happens to him, K J George, AM Prasad (ADG, Intelligence wing) and Prasad Mohanty will be directly responsible.

Shocking, all these three walked free after the investigation was carried out by the CM Siddaramayya govt. But the family members of Mr Ganapathy continued their efforts to ensure justice to the officer.

Supreme Court instructed CBI to take over the case!!!

The family of DySP Ganapathi had filed a case in the Supreme Court and in the month of September, the Supreme Court instructed the CBI has to complete the investigation in three months and submit the report. The court had also expressed its anger on the way the investigation was carried on by Karnataka state investigation team. This indicates that the investigation was botched up on instructions of unknown powers.

Forensic reports say that it was not a suicide!!!

Recently, ‘Times Now’ had accessed the forensic reports of SP Ganapathy which gave a new direction to the case of officer Ganapathy. Two eye witnesses who were present during the investigation had given out statement that they noticed bullet wounds on SP Ganapathy’s body. Yes, they mentioned bullet wounds were found but the Karnataka police had said that DySP Ganapathy was found hanging in a hotel room using a rope.

But surprisingly, the CID had made them sign a blank and as the investigation progressed, their statements were completely overlooked.

What is further more shocking is that the emails present in the officer’s laptop were deleted. Isn’t it strange? Why will the investigating agency delete them?

DySP Ganapathy was a no nonsense officer who didn’t hesitate to take actions against any corrupt irrespective of his power. This unique quality perhaps proved deadly to this brave officer. Now that the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has taken charge of the case, let us hope that the corrupts will be sent behind the bars and justice will be ensured to DySP Ganapathy’s family.

“KJ George should be removed from Cabinet immediately” this was the statement made by BJP’s Karnataka president BS Yeddyurappa. He further said that “We will launch statewide agitation if George is not removed immediately from the Cabinet. Mr George continuing in the government will make a fair probe difficult”.

Ananya Sharma