Game over for Mayawati ? Did she help brother increase his assets by 200 times through fake companies while in power ?

The noose around Mayawati’s neck seems to be tightening. Last month, Enforcement Directorate raids revealed Rs 105 Crores of unaccounted cash transactions of her party and her brother. Now an explosive investigation into the assets and properties of Anand Kumar, the brother of Mayawati, has revealed that his assets grew by a whopping 200 times in just 7 years. While in 2007, assets of Anand Kumar was worth Rs 7 crore, his assets had increased to Rs 1316 crore by the end of 2014 – an increase of 20,000% or put simply, 200 times. More interestingly, during those seven years (2007-2014), Maywati was the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh for 5 years. The entire assets of Mayawati’s brother Anand Kumar worth Rs 1316 crore is now under the lens of investigation agencies.

How did his assets multiply by 200 times in just seven years ?

In 2007, after Mayawati became the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, her brother had 5 companies at that time. Let us see the increase in assets of each of those companies owned by Anand Kumar
Facor Technology : This company was worth only Rs 56 lakh in 2007. However within 7 years, the assets of the company increased to Rs 55.8 cr (an increase of 100 times)
Hotel Library Club Pvt Ltd : This company of Anand Kumar saw its net worth increasing from 93 lakh to 214.4 crore (an increase of 230 times) in the period 2007-2014
Sachi Properties : Assets increased from Rs 2.9 crore in 2007 to Rs 104 crore in 2014, an increase of 50 times.
DIA Realtors : Through this company, Anand Kumar received a return of 450 times. The company assets increased from Rs 21 lakh to 95.2 crore in just seven years.
– Isha Properties : While Isha properties was worth Rs 2.75 crorein 2007, at the end of seven years, the company’s assets had increased to Rs 66.68 crore, an increase of 30 times.

Why such an increase of asset by legal means totally impossible ?

The assets of Anand Kumar increased by almost 20000% or 200 times in a period of seven years. Is so much return possible in any form of investment ? Let us look at some of the options of investment in 2007 and returns he would have got in 2014 (Figure by Times Now).
– If Anand Kumar had invested Rs. 10,000 in gold, at the end of seven years he would have received Rs 26,000 (2.6 times).
– An investment of Rs 10,000 in Stock market, considering the best of all stocks and no loss, he would have received Rs 1,60,000 (a return of 16 times).
– An investment of Rs 10,000 in Savings account would have given him back Rs 17,000 (a return of less than 2 times)
– Even the property prices during the period increased by 5-10 times, which means an investment of Rs 10,000 may have given him a return of at most Rs 1,00,000.

As per current scenario, Anand Kumar’s Rs.10,000 investment has become Rs 20 lakh (an increase of 200 times), which can only be possible if money was laundered illegally.

So how was money laundered by Anand Kumar  ?

Upon investigation, it turned out that companies and people who invested in the five companies owned by Shri Anand Kumar are fake. A large number of non-existent ghost companies (companies which only exist on paper) invested hundreds of crores of money in his companies, a classic case of money laundering. This is the modus operandi when black money has to be converted to white. The most probable chances are that the black money of his sister was routed through these ghost companies into Anand Kumar’s company, making it white. Mayawati has been in the net of CBI earlier also for disproportionate asset case and is known to have amassed a huge amount of money. This seems to be the way she indulged in it. While she ruled, she helped her brother make a fortune. Nothing else explains a 20,000% increase in the assets in a span of seven years.

Kshitij Mohan