Game over, Mr Shashi Tharoor! Secret report says, Sunanda Pushkar was murdered, Delhi Police knew it from day 1

The suicide of Sunanda Pushkar has turned into a murder but the killer(s) is not yet nabbed. This was due to the grace of Delhi police. Soon after the death of Sunanda Pushkar, reports were floated that she was suspected of committing suicide by consuming poison.

But now a secret report has surfaced which has revealed that the very first report prepared in the case by the then Deputy Commissioner of Police BS Jaiswal, stated that the Sub Divisional Magistrate at Vasant Vihar Alok Sharma who inspected the place of crime at Leela Hotel and conducted the inquest proceeding was of view that it was not a suicide.

Now the question is, even after Sub Divisional Magistrate ordered to consider her death as a murder, on whose order was it considered as a suicide? The deviation from the actual cause of death was the main reason for not being able to nab the culprits. Perhaps, the culprits would have had even destroyed the evidence.

  • The cause of death of the best of my knowledge and belief is, in this case, is poisoning. The circumstantial evidenced are suggestive of alprazolam poisoning. All the injuries mentioned are caused by blunt force, simple in nature, non-contributing to death and are produced in scuffle, except injury number 10 with an injection mark. Injury number 12 is teeth bite mark. The injuries number 1 to 15 is of various durations ranging from 12 hours to 4 days

The above statement was mentioned in the autopsy report after the initial investigation.

The report clearly mentions that the injuries found on the body of Sunanda Pushkar were due to the result of a scuffle. Now, the question is, with whom did she have a scuffle?

The secret report accessed by “DNA India” had post-mortem, chemical, biological and finger prints reports. The report was enough to conclude that Sunanda was murdered. But the Delhi Police had botched up the entire investigation that made probe sluggish in the later part.

This report has also exposed the Delhi police and has given a new twist to the investigation of the death case. Why did the police conclude that the poison was consumed by herself? Why didn’t the Delhi police investigate whether the poison was orally given or injected? On whose orders did the Delhi Police divert the investigation?

The explosive report names and nails Shashi Tharoor!

  • These seems to have caused due to scuffle between Sunanda Pushkar and her Husband Shashi Tharoor as per the statement of their personal attendant Narain Singh.

The above statement is another explosive piece found in the very first report. Even the senior police officer who was then investigating the case also had similar suspicions as he said, “The death was mysterious and everything pointed out towards murder from day one”.

Sunanda Pushkar wanted to hold a press conference, but within the next few hours, she was found dead!

Who was against Sunanda Pushkar going out on a press conference? Sunanda knew something that could have ended up a bunch of people in jail? Why was Sunanda’s body shifted from one room to another?

Journalist Nalini Singh was the one who had interviewed Shashi Tharoor’s wife the day before she was found dead. Sunanda Pushkar had spoken to Nalini about some IPL issue which she claimed she could not comprehend. So was there any scam going on in IPL which was linked to Gandhi family and the Congress party?

Even Dr Subramanian Swamy had claimed that Sunanda Pushkar was murdered and Gandhi family was involved. “Sunanda Pushkar had said she would expose the IPL deals. Robert Vadra’s name would also have surfaced”, he said. Dr Swamy had also said, “The autopsy report says it was an unnatural death. The FIR says it was a murder. Nothing has been done”.

Source: DNA India

Hansika Raj