Why Gandhi and Nehru were not sent to the Andaman if they were such a threat to British Rule like Veer Savarkar?

When one is called the ‘Father of the Nation’ and the other being the First Prime Minister of India. it is but natural for us to think that these two people were the ones who were biggest threat to the British rule and it is because of their leadership that India attained freedom. Even though this is how the history has been written in India,

The reality is complete opposite. There are many instances which show that British always had a soft corner for Gandhi and Nehru, whereas the same British followed a ruthless approach when it came to leaders like Veer Savarkar, Subash Chandra Bose and many others.
While the likes of Savarkar were inhumanly tortured and Bose being chased out of the country, the British strangely did not follow the same approach when it came to crack down on the two ‘Biggest’ leaders of the country. So naturally it raises a very important question among those who evaluate the personalities based on facts and not on fairy tales.
While freedom fighters like Bhagat Singh was hanged to death, Subhash Chandra Bose treated inhumanly in jail and later exiled, Aurobindo made to leave his motherland, Lala Lajpat Rai beaten to death and Savarkar jailed and tortured for life, what was the reason that Nehru and Gandhi were treated like special guests by Britishers and while rest of the freedom fighters were forced to live in inhuman conditions, perform hard labor for years, Nehru was permitted to write books and also take long leaves from jail. Why did the cruel Britishers follow this dual standard when it came to Nehru and Gandhi?
If Veer Savarkar who was considered as a small leader not having pan India following, was enslaved and tortured inhumanly in Cellular Jail, then ‘Mass’ leaders like Gandhi and Nehru should have been treated the same if not worse than what Veer Savarkar had to go through. But surprisingly that did not happen. It is alleged by many that Nehru and Gandhi were used as pawns by British to plan a safe exit from India and it is due to Nehru and Gandhi that the British could loot India for many years more than what they could have, had Subhash Chandra Bose or Veer Savarkar were let free as the British let Gandhi and Nehru.
As per an argument made by a few historians, cellular jail was meant for real freedom fighters who posed real threat to the Britishers and not faux freedom fighters like Nehru who allegedly derailed India’s independence struggle. So, the historians say, the British not only treated the duo differently but also handed over power to their loyal stooges.
While the liberals will try to explain that Nehru and Gandhi were political prisoners and hence were not subjected to rigorous punishment the fact of the matter is that these two acted in favor of British and the British used them as pawns to loot the country for as long as they could and then passed on the baton to Nehru to continue to loot the remainder of the country. It is now well evident that Nehru-Gandhi (Indira and the next generations) have not only looted the country and but also have acted against the welfare of the people of the country.