Ganga is Pure! Study reveals River Ganga has higher proportion of antibacterial agents

Since centuries, Indians are worshiping river Ganga as the holiest river. Now a study has proved that Ganga is indeed pure and powerful. A study conducted by the Union Water Resources Ministry to probe the “unique properties” of the Ganga has now found out that the river contains a very high proportion of organisms with antibacterial properties.

The study which was conducted by the Nagpur-based National Environmental Engineering and Research Institute (NEERI), a CSIR lab, was titled “Assessment of Water Quality and Sediment To Understand Special Properties of River Ganga” and it started its research in 2016.

Defining about the objective of the scheme, The Hindu report stated “The NEERI team was tasked with assessing the water quality for “radiological, microbiological and biological” parameters in the Bhagirathi (a feeder river of the Ganga) and the Ganga at 20 sampling stations”.

The study’s authors wrote in the report’s synopsis that “In the river Ganga, the bacteriophages were detected to be approximately 3 times more in proportion than bacterial isolates”. Rajiv Ranjan Mishra, Director-General, National Mission for Clean Ganga stated “This study was commissioned to test these properties using the latest scientific techniques and knowledge”.

Even though one cannot deny that River Ganga is naturally superior compared to other rivers, one also cannot deny the fact that the credit of rejuvenating river Ganga goes to PM Modi and several schemes initiated by his government to clean up river Ganga.

PM Modi had launched the Namami Gange Programme in June 2014 with budget outlay of Rs.20,000 Crore and it aimed at reducing pollution, conservation and rejuvenation of National River Ganga. And today we can say that within a very short span,the river Ganga has made rapid and astonishing transformation.

If not these schemes, River Ganga would have died a slow death with which even the centuries old belief of Indians would have taken a massive blow.