Gangster Sohrabuddin Shaikh’s brother reveals the conspiracy that was framed during UPA Era to finish off Amit Shah’s political career!

No one can deny that it is due to PM Modi’s clean image and Amit Shah’s strategy that the Congress party has reached its lowest position today in India. At one moment we might feel that the Modi wave has stopped its influence but the very next moment the Modi-Shah duo gives a blow to Congress party.

But the destruction of Congress party would have never been possible if the conspiracy of the Congress party had succeeded against Modi-Shah in the early 2000. To trap the Modi-Shah duo, the Congress party under the UPA era used the “Sohrabuddin Sheikh encounter case”.

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Gangster Sohrabuddin Sheikh

On November 26, 2005 the notorious gangster Sohrabuddin Sheikh was encountered by the Gujarat police. He had not just 60 cases against him but had links with gangsters like Sharifkhan Pathan alias Chhota Dawood and Abdul Latif gangs, and with Rasool Parti and Brajesh Singh- who were close aides of Dawood Ibrahim.

But a certain lobby tried to portray this encounter as a fake encounter with intentions to trap Amit Shah. In the year 2010 the CBI (needles to say that UPA had used this organisation for vendetta politics) had stated that Nayamuddin Sheikh, the youngest brother of gangster Sohrabuddin Shaikh is having a threat from life from president Amit Shah and Gujarat police officer Abhay Chudasma.

In 2010 according to CBI, this was Nayamuddin Sheikh’s statement:

  • When I told him (Chudasama) that we will not withdraw the petition at any cost, he threatened me with dire consequences and said that I would also face the same fate as Sohrabuddin. You do not know Amitbhai is very angry. I will speak to Amitbhai and he can get it done in Madhya Pradesh only. It is Amitbhai’s government there and you will be killed for making him a party in the petition.

So the earlier statement had said that BJP President Amit Shah might even kill Nayamuddin Sheikh (Sohrabuddin Shaikh’s brother). But now Nayamuddin has revealed how there were attempts to frame Amit Shah to finish off his political career.

Nayamuddin Sheikh revealed that he never named current BJP president Amit Shah nor the police officer Chudasama but these were included by none other than CBI. In his fresh statement, Nayamuddin Sheikh said:

  • I have no threat from the BJP. I have never heard Azam Khan’s name. An investigating officer of the CBI, Dagar sahab, came to my village in an autorickshaw to inquire about this case. I have not said before him that Azam (Sohrabuddin’s associate and co-accused in Hamid Lala murder case) met me and said that Abhay Chudasama offered Rs 50 lakh to withdraw a petition filed in Supreme Court to inquire into the death of my brother.

Who tried to frame Amit Shah, the Chanakya of BJP?

From 2004 to 2014 the UPA government had ruled India and we all know that Sonia Gandhi was the powerful person in that government. Now the question is who tried to frame Amit Shah? Even the court of law had given clean chit to Amit Shah.

Supreme Court had also upheld the clean chit given by the subordinate courts to Amit Shah in the Sohrabuddin Sheikh encounter case. Now an investigation should take place regarding who pressurized the CBI to trap Amit Shah and the police officer.

Source:India Today

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