Gau Rakshaks Need A Midnight Meditation On Modi Precept

“”˜Nation first.”™ Nobody is greater than our nation even not God; neither we allow hooliganism against cow in the name of beef nor we approve vandalism against man in the name of cow,” was a non-secular and non-communal message from Modi directly or indirectly at the Townhall meeting in Delhi yesterday which was hardly understood by some religious patriot.

If you are a real nationalist or a true Gau Rakshak, then only you can understand otherwise communal criticism is the spontaneous outrageous dispensation against Modi without a transparent understanding of the words of the statesman.

Now after Modi being the Prime Minister, the strictest laws are imposed in Delhi, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh, where the slaughter of cow and her progeny, even bulls and bullocks of all ages, is completely banned. My dear brethren Gau Rakshaks! You should not misinterpret but once again dissect Modi”™s Townhall speech to digest the essence if you have not properly understood it.

PM said, “I”™ve seen many people who carry out anti-social activities all night, and during the day they wear the garb of “˜gau Rakshaks”™ (cow protectors).” If you are a true Gau Rakshak, no need to worry for the innocuous statement of the Prime Minister rather he criticized the vandalism and nefarious activities of some hooligans in disguise of cow-protectors and volunteers or cow-vigilantes even he asked state governments to prepare police dossiers of such impersonators.

He actually wants to eradicate the statements like “˜Holy Cow Unholy People“™ from the pages of (non-)secular media.

As the chief of his government, he has every right reserved with him constitutionally and morally to discipline the unruly for peace in secular India in a truly non-secular fundamental radical Islamic-communal atmosphere.

“Cows mostly die of eating plastic bags rather than slaughter and these cow protectors should urge people not to throw plastic on roads, this will be a big service to cows.” The message of Modi is blunt and clear enough that the plastics and polythene are the worst reasons of killing cows like cow-slaughter.

It does not emphasize on hollowness of butchering this large yet magnanimous animal rather it gives us awareness to protect cow and her progeny from eating the dangerous hydrocarbons. “˜His judgment- impartial, voice- non-prejudiced and advice with a mild annoyance”™ is probably essential to sanctify Gau Raksha Kendra, the sanctum sanctorum of cows and purify thoughts of Gau Rakshaks to save cows through a more practical and scientific way.

“Don”™t be fundamentally radical; be practically spiritual,” may be the essence of Modi”™s Townhall precept.

Azad Ray


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