Gauri Lankesh Murder!!! Big trouble for Ramchandra Guha as BJP sent legal notice after he held BJP responsible for the murder

It has been a trend to abuse and insult Modi government for each and everything. Some abuse and blame BJP as they a frustrated to gain back the power in the centre whereas few others blame BJP because it fetches them their bread and butter.

Soon after the death of the senior journalist Gauri Lankesh, liberals and seculars took it as an opportunity to corner BJP. Now it was the term of historian Ramchandra Guha who said “It is very likely that her murderers came from the same Sangh Parivar from which the murderers of Dabholkar, Pansare and Kalburgi came”. He also said that “The ruling dispensation in Delhi has created a climate of hate and intolerance”.

He thought that he can make baseless comments and get away with it. But the Karnataka wing of the Bharatiya Janata Party sent a legal notice against Ramchandra Guha.

Now we will hear the seculars shouting that BJP is curbing free speech by sending a legal notice to Guha. But the question is whether one can make false allegations on another? That too when someone is murdered?

“Your deliberate, false and calculated statement against our client’s organisation has caused great anguish in the minds thousands of its members and sympathisers”, the notice said.

“If Ramachandra Guha does not apologise, our party will initiate a legal process and take this to the court. Not just Guha, we are observing everyone who makes such comments, and notices will be issued to them, too,” these were the words of Karnataka BJP spokesperson Ashwath Narayana that was reported in Times of India.

Even the youth icon Rahul Gandhi had made similar statement. He said that RSS and right-wing ideology is responsible for the killing of journalist-activist Gauri Lankesh. But former CM of Karnataka Ms B S Yeddyurappa slammed Rahul by saying “If Rahul Gandhi has any proof to prove his allegations, he should furnish it”.

Nishika Ram