Gauri Lankesh’s adopted son dragged PM Modi’s mother in an absurd statement; Your blood will boil if you read what he said

There is a good news to all those who want to commit crime in India. Yes, the good news is that one can commit crime and yet walk free because PM Modi will be held accountable. A senior journalist was murdered in a Congress ruled state and her family pointed out at the possibility of naxalites involvement in the murder.

The seculars and the liberals took out a protest march yesterday at Bangalore but it was like a political rally intended to tarnish PM Modi’s image. The protest stooped to such a low level that the seculars even dragged PM Modi’s mother.

We will sit upon the Modi chest!!! Ohhh Really?

The adopted son of Gauri Lankesh has tried all his best to keep the spark burning. Genuine seculars know that this spark won’t do any good to the nation. “The Modi government killed Gauri Lankesh because she questioned the government for not capturing the killers of MM Kalburgi. Our fight will continue until we get justice. Let us march towards Delhi and continue our fight by sitting on the chest of Modi and Mohan Bhagwat. Modi is spoiling the name of India and he is the worst PM with worst mentality”. These are the words of Jignesh Mewani.

Pathetic!!! Did you know what he spoke about PM Modi’s mother?

Mr Jignesh also provoked others to travel to Gujarat’s Gandhinagar and question Hiraben Modi (Modi’s mother) for giving birth to a worst son like Modi.

He further promised that being the son of Gauri Lankesh, he will fight till his last breath to demolish the idea of building India on the principles of Hindu organisations. He also promised to restore secularism in India.

Fools like Jignesh take birth in India time and again and act like British agents with only one intention and that is to break India.

Mr Jignesh should sit on CM Siddaramayya’s chest not PM Modi’s!!!

These protestors have acted like Congress agents because it is clearly evident that series of murders are occurring in Congress ruled Karnataka but these are blaming PM Modi. These cry and shout out that PM Modi is curbing “free speech” but meanwhile these abuse Modi and family. But what would have happened if someone had accused the same against any of the top leaders from Congress? Definitely he would be jailed. But it’s PM Modi’s Sarkar and anyone can blame and abuse Modi by presenting absurd and stupid logics.

According to Jignesh, PM Modi is the worst PM ever. Yes, he is right because after Modi’s will power, lakhs of Muslim women got freedom from triple talaq. Modi is the worst PM because due to him the rogue nation Pakistan was taught a lesson by surgical strike. Still, these call him a worst PM.

Hansika Raj