Gautam Gambhir asks Kashmiri separatists to leave country as Mirwaiz Farooq cheers for Pakistan!

The Kashmiri separatist leader has again shown his true colours by supporting Pakistan cricket team. Mirwaiz Umar Farooq yesterday tweeted cheering for Pakistan and congratulated them on defeating India in the ICC Champions Trophy.

In his statement taunting India, he said that EID is being celebrated early this year with fire crackers after Pakistan defeated India.

When the entire country was upset over India’s loss in the finals, Kashmiri separatists and Pakistani cheer leaders were making fun of India and celebrating Pak’s victory. Gautam Gambhir who noticed the tweet of Mirwaiz Farooq, replied in strong words asking him to cross the border to hear more fire works.

This was not the first time, Kashmiri separatists have stood for Pakistan and betrayed India.  Mirwaiz, a few days back too, had cheered for the Pakistan Cricket Team after their win over England in the first semi-final match of the ICC Champions Trophy.

“As we were finishing taraweeh, could hear the fire crackers bursting, well played team #Paksitan. Best of luck for the finals!”

These people live on Indian soil, hold Indian passport take all facility from Indian government and speak for terrorist country Pakistan. Gautam Gambhir and millions of India who were upset with the loss, were triggered when Mirwaiz cheered for Pakistan and took on twitter blasting him for his anti National stand. Gambhir has directly told Kashmiri separatists to pack their bags and leave the country.

Gautam Gambhir’s statement makes sense as these separatists have shown their true colours and their was no reason for them to remain in India anymore. It is time the government asks them to leave the country immediately.

Aishwarya S