Gautam Gambhir gives it back to Omar Abdullah for supporting terrorist Mannan Wani!

Gautam Gambhir who is always vocal on supporting soldiers and Indian army has once again named and shamed all those pseudo seculars who in the name of Human rights, freedom of speech are supporting terrorists and criminals.

couple days back, the Indian ary was successful in killing one of the most dreadest terrorist of the Hizbul terror organisation Mannan Wani in an encounter. Along with Mannan Wani, his associate was also killed in the encounter in Handwara sector of Jammu and Kashmir. After the reports of his death emerged, the entire secular brigade including Ex-CM Omar Abdullah, Mehabooba Mufti came in support of the terrorist expressing their anguish and sorrow over his death. They called him well educated PhD scholar and declared his death a loss to the country.

Similarly, Omar Abdullah who is well known for his support to terrorists and separatists tweeted in favor of Mannan Wani blaming the country and the Indian army for his death.

But Gautam Gambhir who is vocal on issue pertaining to National interest, spoke out his mind and blamed the parties responsible for using Kashmir for terror activities. He also blamed parties for making a man hold gun in his hands instead of books.

But to this tweet, Omar Abdullah gave a very weird response saying that the Gambhir has no idea about Kashmir and he wouldn’t be able to find Mannan Wani’s home district on a map.

To which Gautam Gambhir made a strong rebuttal saying that Omar Abdullah shpuld not talk on maps as he and his party was hell bent in changing the India Map holding talks with a country like Pakistan.

As usual, Omar Abdullah tried to cover his mistakes taking Nationalism issue, to which Gambhir ripped him demading him to show what his party has done to engage with Kashmir people and prevent them from taking up guns.

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