Get Well Soon – Shobha De !! Sickness is rising among Intolerance Brigade

New Disease Identified on Social Media. There has been a new disease identified on social media, the disease has mainly attacked the Anti-India lobby and Modi haters. Although this disease was in its primary stage before 2014 it has drastically increased post 16th May 2014 and spreading like cancer.

The disease has been categorized into 3 groups:

  1. Modi Syndrome in Kejriwal
  2. Intolerance disease in Pseudo-seculars
  3. Obsessive hate disorder in section of media and intellects.

These people need no introduction, as they are famous for spewing venom through words. They have brought disgrace to the field of journalism and media. The level of hate towards one man is now turning to be hate against own country. Humiliating India in international level, mocking a religion, hurting sentiments of the people has become their thought of life. They claim to eat meat with dripping blood…Phew! A hyena would be embarrassed at their description.

Their hate did not even spare the Indian team in Olympics mocking and poking them for their performance. Shoba de has insulted the Indian Olympians saying they go to Rio to take selfies and waste time and money. What a shame that these people use such disgusting language against our athletes.  Following her comment, Abhinav Bindra and Gutta Jwala have given a befitting reply.

This hasn”™t undermined the dignity of athletes but has rather exposed the culture of people like  Shoba de.



Instead of mocking the athletes it would have helped if she spent 5 minutes urging IOA to provide better training and facilities for our sportsmen. If she cannot do any of these, the best thing to do is SHUT HER MOUTH.

These intellectual sisters seems to have fallen to a bottom less pit with respect to their dignity. Never have we seen any public figure stoop this low to gain attention and publicity.


So this hate disease seems to have no cure and is said to be contagious and spreads through social media…..Experts have advised sane people to isolate these infected people and to keep them away from the normal human civilization.

Aishwarya S