After getting trolled by former US President Barack Obama, NDTV journalist Nidhi Razdan tried to prove Obama wrong!!! Do you know what happened later?

Disagree with that basic premise, especially since I was invited by the Foundation: Says Nidhi

A few days ago, former United States President Barack Obama had trolled and insulted NDTV journalist Nidhi Razdan. The trolling was such that even though she repeatedly begged Mr Obama to permit her to ask a question, he didn’t even give an iota of his attention.

Nidhi Razdan tried to prove that Obama was wrong!!! But she had to face insult again

After getting totally humiliated, Nidhi Razdan tweeted “I wanted to ask Barack Obama a question at his Townhall today where I was invited by the Obama Foundation as a guest, not as a reporter. He told me I can’t ask a question because I’m a journalist. Disagree with that basic premise, especially since I was invited by the Foundation”. 

Soon the Twitterati bashed Nidhi Razdan for showing hypocrisy. The meet was clearly meant only for the younger audience. But Nidhi, who is 40 years old, tried to seek attention but got a perfect reply, both from Mr Obama and the Indians.

It was meant for youths belonging to 18 years of age group!!!

“When there are 18 years olds in the room, and that’s your target audience, its just plain uncool for an older professional to ask their question before them. That’s my experience anyway.It’s unfortunate then that you chose to introduce yourself as a member of the media, when clearly no media was allowed. You can’t have it both ways – leverage your media credentials, and also argue that you were there as a delegate like everyone else. Surely you can see that?”, this was how a woman named Sangeeta Rao questioned Nidhi.

Nidhi Razdan insulted Indian Journalists!!!

A Twitterati said that no Indian journalists were insulted like this before. He also termed this was the worst moment for Indian journalism.

Look at Nidhi Razdan!!! She speaks of Donald Trump

So according to her, she should have been allowed to ask the question. Nidhi was not allowed to express her question, so she asked it on twitter.

“With the rise of the right around the world, haven’t liberals been living in echo chambers and what is it that we can all do to meaningfully engage with each other and try to understand the rise of someone like Donald Trump”. This was the questioned which she allegedly wanted to ask Mr Obama at the town hall.

If she was allowed to ask a question, then she would have targeted PM Modi for sure!!!

Nidhi Razdan lacked basic manners front of a global leader!!!

When Mr Obama declined her question, she should have respected his words. But she kept forcing Mr Obama to listen to her question. This posed a question whether NDTV journalists are not taught the basic manners?

Mr Obama taught Nidhi, Athithi Devo Bhava!!!

Indians still haven’t forgotten how Nidhi had disrespected a guest on her TV show. She even asked the guest to leave the show. Mr Barack Obama could have treated her in the same manner but he didn’t do it. Being a foreigner, he followed the Indian principle ‘Athithi Devo Bhava’.

“He was more polite to you than than you were to your guest. What goes around comes around” said Natasha, a Twitterati.

Hansika Raj