Why & how the ghost of Khalistan movement still haunts India – Who is to be blamed ?

The origin of the Khalistan movement heads  back to the pre-independence period when a separate Islamic state was demanded by the Muslim League. In response to the Muslim demand for Pakistan, the Sikhs, who historically had troubled relations with Muslims, called for the creation of a separate Sikh state by the name of Khalistan.

The name was coined by Sikh leader, Dr. Vir Singh Bhatti in 1940. Jawaharlal Nehru as a alternative to separate nation assured the Sikhs of a semi-autonomous state in India. When partition took place, majority of the Sikhs from the Pakistani territory moved to India. Khalistan movement for most of the time was fought outside India until the arrest of Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale. Bhindranwale gained more popularity, thanks to congress which wanted to polarise the state. This was the grave mistake congress did.

They added fuel to the Khalistan movement  for their selfish political goals which ended up in a big blunder in history of Independent India.  Operation blue star was definitely one of the most strategically operated military operation but congress did a huge blunder by targeting the sacred place of Sikhs. Many political commentator and military analyst still believe that Khalistan movement and of Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale could have been dealt in a way that it didn’t hurt the religious sentiments of Sikhs. Congress paid a heavy price by loosing Indira Gandhi and lakhs of Sikhs were killed in retaliation by congress supporters. It’s been decades since this unfortunate event has occurred The wound of military operation on the scared place of Sikhs still remain fresh. Khalistan movement voices could have disappeared from the streets of Punjab but there is still a movement in hearts of many Khalistan supporters that is fuming and working close doors.

Pakistan and its intelligence agency ISI is helping pro-Khalistan Sikhs in India and abroad. Sources say the ISI is actively helping Khalistan movement radical organisations based in US, UK, Canada and Germany in its bid to revive the terror groups. Certain pro Khalistan movement members  have funded Kashmiri separatist for anti-India protests. According to the sources, the arrest of Khalistan Tiger Force chief Jagtar Singh Tara in January 2015 in Thailand had exposed ISI’s role and ISI-backed terror syndicate in Thailand. He is accused in the assassination of former Punjab chief minister Beant Singh and has fled from Punjab’s Chandigarh’s Burail Model jail in January 2004.

On 6th of June, few years back a fight broke out inside Golden Temple when a group of youths raised pro-Khalistan slogans in connection with the 31st anniversary of Operation Bluestar. Some protests also took place in Jammu and Kashmir over removal of a poster carrying the picture of Khalistani terrorist Jarnail Singh Bhindrawale. Some pro-Khalistan protests pro-Khalistan took place in London, San Francisco and Brampton, Canada on June 7. They are planning a protest in Pakistan on June 16.

Bhindranwale had led the movement for Khalistan’s creation and along with several hundred heavily armed terrorists had taken shelter inside Golden Temple in Amritsar. He and several of his supporters were killed in an Indian Army operation in 1984 during which Golden Temple complex suffered massive damage.

ISI has been supporting several anti-India groups and is involved in instigating terror organizations in Jammu and Kashmir. The Khalistani movement that is alive even today is the result of the blunder of congress government.The dead of operation blue star still haunt us peace of one India.

Tasleem Ibrahim