Girl Writes to Prime Minister Modi on Corruption at Raj Ghat; See What Action he Takes

There have been numerous instances in the past where Prime Minister Modi has taken swift action in reply to letters written to him by common people. Most of these had to do with children who suffered with life-threatening illnesses but their parents didn’t have the funds to conduct their treatment.

This time the concern wasn’t a medical one, but related to corruption. A class 7th girl from Punjab’s Patiala district wrote to the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) regarding corruption at Raj Ghat.

Hashmita from Patiala’s Sanaur town was visiting Raj Ghat when she noticed that some staff members were asking for Rs 100 from foreigners to keep their footwear in safe custody. There are two counters for footwear at Raj Ghat as tourists are not allowed to walk arount the memorial premises wearing their shoes and sandals. One of the counters is free, while the other one is paid where a mere Re 1 is charged from visitors.

After returning to Patiala, Hashmita wrote to the PMO about this.She wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and posted it under the address ‘PM Narendra Modi, New Delhi’.

Swift action was taken by the PMO. A probe was launched into the matter. The allegations were later found to be true. But the action taken by PMO was unexpected and unprecedented. The PMO issued an order to change the entire staff deployed at Raj Ghat. Not only this, but CCTV cameras were also installed at Raj Ghat to prevent such notorious activities from happening in the future.

The ‘Rajghat Samadhi Samiti’ also wrote a letter to Hashmita t0 inform her that action had been taken on her complaint. The response of the Modi government is heartening. This shows that the government is serious on tackling the menace of corruption.

But we mustn’t leave everything to the government. What Hashmita did is the duty of every loyal citizen of the country. This is a golden opportunity for us to do our bit in curbing corruption around us. Where ever you witness any such acts of fraud, write to the PMO and report it to government handles on Twitter. Let’s make India corruption free!

Vinayak Jain