Go And Bring Out As Many Muslim Voters From Your Booth As You Can! This is how senior Congress leader is using religion card to win elections in MP

It is well known that the Congress party has always adopted the policy of divide and rule. In each and every election whether it is state or national they have always played their minority card and has always resort to appeasement politics

Once again the Congress Muslim card is out in the open. In a sensational revelation by the Republic TV just before the elections in poll bound state of Madhya Pradesh Republic TV has accessed a highly controversial video showing the Congress resolving to use the Muslim card

The video is of senior Congress party leader from Madhya Pradesh Kamal Nath who while addressing a closed-door meeting with Muslim leaders is strategizing for the upcoming elections in the state. During the meeting the senior leader makes shocking confession that unless 90% of Muslim voters don’t support the Congress, the party is finished.

Kamal Nath stressed the Muslim leaders to find out why members of the Muslim community didn’t come out to vote in sufficient numbers in the last Assembly elections which he thinks has been the major reason of the downfall of the Congress.

He requested the leaders to look at the previous figures and tell him how much voting has taken place. According to his estimates it was 50-60 %. He questioned the leaders why it is not 90 %. He said there must be reason for less voting and asked the leaders to find out the reason behind it.

He further said the leaders to look upon the data of previous voting trends available on internet and find out was it less because of some pressure on the people of the leaders from opposite parties or it is that nobody cared to vote. He said the leaders “You will have to do the post mortem of the situation. You will have to take care of your own society as well, not just of Congress, but for the whole state. There are roughly seven weeks left for election, and only five or so weeks to prepare. So in the meantime, you check a couple of booths and see what has gone wrong,”

He further said that after a deep analysis of the numbers the party has reached to a conclusion that may be the leaders failed to bring the people of Muslim community to vote which has cost them huge in the elections.He urged the leaders to do everything they can which includes going from polling station to polling station to find the people for votes as well. He adds that all this should be done before the election code of conduct comes into force.

In the video he could be heard saying this also that party needs only those election candidates who can win the election, regardless of their background

Earlier this month, BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra during a press conference released a part of this very video in which Kamal Nath could be seen stating that the BJP is trying to divide Muslims and Hindus. Further on, he also mentioned that his party will take care of RSS and BJP once the elections are over.

Source: Republic World



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