Go Back to Italy! This is what the farmers shouted when Rahul Gandhi visited Amethi, the strong fort of Gandhi Dynasty

Life is full of love and care. True Love if adds the beauty to one’s life, deceiving and cheating on the other hand spoils one life. A person who is deceived can never behave same with the one on once he/she has showered too much love and respect. The same goes for all kind of relationships

The relationship between the political leader and his constituency people is also one of the same kinds.But when the leader deceives his people the people can no longer trust him and respect him

The Congress Party is going to face the same heat in Amethi. Amethi! Once a strong bastion of Congress is surely going to teach the lesson to Congress party and its chief for deceiving them.The indications of this have come out many times. In fact almost all the times Congress President Rahul Gandhi has visited Amethi he has faced the wrath of people for deceiving them, Yesterday’s incident in Amethi has also added weightage to the above claim

Yes!! The People of Amethi yesterday made it clear to the Congress President that he is not needed anymore in India and he can “Go Back to Italy” to the place where he actually belongs to.

The Congress President yesterday visited Amethi for campaigning for the General Elections.In Gauri Ganj town farmers protested against the Congress President demanding that either their land that was given to Rajiv Gandhi Foundation should be returned or else they should be provided employment.

The farmers staged the protest near Samrat Cycle factory, which was inaugurated by former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi when he was the Member of Parliament (MP) from Amethi. The farmers also raised slogans “Go Back to Italy” against Congress President Rahul Gandhi

One of the protesters, Sanjay Singh expressing his frustration told ANI: “We are very upset with Rahul Gandhi. He should go back to Italy. He does not deserve to be here. Rahul has grabbed our land.”

According to the records, UPSIDC had leased 65.57 acres of land in the industrial area of Kausar to the company owned by Jain Brothers in 1986 but when the company was closed down i.e after the failure of the company the Debts Recovery Tribunal got it auctioned in 2014 at Rs. 20.10 crore to recover the loan.

The land purchased in the auction was paid by the Rajiv Gandhi Charitable Trust for stamp duty of Rs. 1,50,000.
However, later the land auction process was termed invalid by the UPSIDC following which a Gauriganj SDM Court ordered the return of the land of the Samrat Cycle Factory to UPSIDC. Since then the land is on papers with UPSIDC but is still occupied by the Rajiv Gandhi Charitable Trust.

Earlier, Union Minister Smriti Irani had also accused Rahul Gandhi of grabbing the land of farmers through the foundation.

It is really shameful, the Congress President always attacks Modi Government that Modi Government doesn’t do anything for farmers. Government doesn’t think about the welfare of farmers but he himself is deceiving farmers by grabbing their land and doing false promises of loan waivers. This is nearly same to hindi proverb “ Ulta Chor Kotwal Ko Dante”

It’s high time for us to realize that we have to send these Videshis back. After ” Simon Go Back” it is time to start the initiative and mission of  “Raul Vinci Go Back”. Because “Ye Hmara Bharat Hai Videshiyon Ka Nahin”

Source: Republic World