Goa BJP’s website hacked and ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ message posted! But it happens to be an old website

The country known for every negative reason and crime, here it is caught in a crime yet again and this time landing up in some serious trouble. Its been a decade long attempt of enemy country Pakistan to peek into Indian websites and steel things for illegal intentions.

Right now, Pakistan has targeted the Goa Bharatiya Janatha Party (BJP) Website, which is an old one. Reports have claimed that the website has been hacked by people in Pakistan.

The official website of Goa BJP that can be found at goabjp.rg seems to have been hacked by a Pakistan based group. As can be seen, by the image of the website, the website now has the message “Pakistan Zindabad” written on it.

The message followed the hashtag #Hacked. The hacker after his work done, has left an email address which has been displayed on the hacked website called ‘[email protected]’.

The identity of the group which possibly carried out the Cyber Attack “Team PCE” and an Individual’s name Mohammad Bilal were also posted on the web page after it was hacked.There is no confirmation yet as to who is behind this cyber attack, but judging by the defacement of the website and the message left behind, it seems to be the handiwork of groups in Pakistan.

Its a known news to all that Goa BJP State unit has been in recovering stage with the ailing Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar. Watching the appropriate circumstances, this hack attack comes after over the past few weeks, Congress has tried to displace ruling BJP after news of Parrikar’s ailment was made public.

A BJP functionary attached to the party’s IT cell said,”The website in question was an old one. He added that the new website has Anti-hacking security measures in place. He said the BJP had integrated its state units with the new website, which remained unharmed in the cyber attack”.

Source: Business Standard.com