Godhra Riots!!! Did the ISI join hands with the Congress leaders to kill the Hindu pilgrims?

Several journalists had built their career by calling PM Modi a murderer after the Godhra riots. This spread like a contagious disease that even now they are unable to stop calling PM Modi a murderer. All thanks to the democracy of India that has given them this right. The court has given clean chit to PM Modi but these biased journalists are unable to agree on it.

Godhra riot was planned by ISI!!!

Several brigades have been trying hard to prove Modi’s involvement in Godhra riot but what is shocking is that there are few strong proofs that will make you believe that foreign hands were involved in this communal act.

Yes, India’s old enemy Pakistan played an important role in this. Pakistan was smart enough to realise that it cannot defeat India in a war, so as usually it opted cunning ways to create unrest in India. The main reason for the violence that took place in Gujarat was when the mob of nearly 2000 Muslims attacked and burnt down the S-6 coach of Sabarmati Express. As a result of this brutality, 59 Karsevaks were burnt alive in the train.
Initially this may seem like a communal act that keeps on triggering among the people at every interval. But this was much more than just a communal riot as it was a plan that was sketched in Pakistan.

Godhra Riots was a brainchild of Pakistan’s ISI!!!

Now let us analyses few of the developments that took place before the killing of the Karsevaks. There was a sudden increase in the issue of firearms license in Godhra town. It was even noticed that even the outsiders of the town were being allotted with the ration cards, this is really strange. Another shocking fact is that even the unemployed Muslims were roaming around with mobile phones; don’t forget that in 2002, having a mobile phone was a big deal. Even the local population took a sudden spurt before the attack that took place on the Ayodhya Karsevaks. These facts are mentioned in the “Nanavati Inquiry”.
KPS Gill, who was a renowned police officer, also said that the carnage was carried out by the ISI. Even the Kashmiri infiltrators had a major role in this.

Now, some may ask that why the riots were carried out by ISI only in Modi’s Gujarat and why not in any other place? The only reason was that as soon as Modi came to power in Gujarat as a CM, the communal riots were reduced tremendously. Prior to BJP, there were very high communal riots specially targeted on the Hindus. So the ISI opted BJP ruled Gujarat.

What is the link between the Congress party and the Godhra riot?

Even after 15 years of the Godhra riot, the Congress has not stopped blaming PM Modi. But what they are hiding is that their own party men were the pioneers in creating the riot. Yes, shocking but true. When the train reached Godhra station, around 10-15 people had poured 200 litres of petrol and had burnt the pilgrims. Later they pelted stones so that no Karsevaks can come out of the train. Within 15 minutes, this was all done and what remained was the burnt bodies of 59 Karsevaks who were returning from Ayodhya.

Now comes the Congress party’s involvement in this. The main person involved in the brutal killing of the pilgrims was Farooq Bhana, secretary of the district Congress committee. He was absconding for 14 years before getting arrested by the ATS last year. Few other Congress leaders who got arrested were Salim Abdul Ghaffar, president of the Panchamahal Youth Congress; Abdul Rehman Abdul Majid Ghantia and Haji Bilal were Congress workers. Sadly, due to ‘lack of evidence’, the main accused Mohammad Husssain Kalota was acquitted. He was the district convener of minority cell of Congress for 6 years. Even after so many evidences, the Congress sees the involvement of PM Modi.

How these Congress leaders are linked with Pakistan’s ISI?

When the train was set on fire, slogans such as “Pakistan Zindabad”, “Hindustan Murdabad” were shouted by the mob. Along with that, fire tankers could not reach the spot because it was tampered with. This itself proves that this crime was very well organised and executed with the sole intension to kill Hindu pilgrims.

One of the accused, Zabir Bin Yamin Behra has confessed in open court that Godhra is not the result of an accident or provocation but it was a cold-blooded conspiracy. He later on, named Maulvi Umarji and Haji Bilal as the main conspirators.

The Godhra was a Muslim dominant town and when the telephone calls were analysed, it was revealed that very high traffic of telephone calls were exchanged between Godhra and Karachi, the previous night. This is not a co-incidence but a truth; all the main conspirators were a part of Congress party. So the whole narrative is toppled now and is proved that Congress is directly involved.

Even after so many evidences that prove that it was an organised crime by the ISI and Congress leaders, why is the Congress still trying to portray that Hindus were the real culprits?



Nishika Ram