Good move by Modi Government! Chapters glorifying Communism have been removed from textbooks of Class X

We always believe whatever we are taught since ages about our history is correct. But we are mistaken because our history has been distorted with. We were made to read the wrong theories and concept but now a wave of change is ushering. People are getting to know the real history and culture of India.

Since the time PM Modi government has assumed office it has also made every effort to glorify our history. In yet another move by PM Modi Government, Modi Government has removed 5 chapters from class 10th board exam syllabus.

These chapters will now be limited only for internal assessment. Students need not to have deep learning of these chapters as no question related to these chapters will be asked from students in their exams

The chapters comprise three on political studies and two on the environment: The former are “Challenges to Democracy”, which seeks to encourage thought about problems facing the governance system, as well as political reforms, “Democracy and Diversity”, on the politics of social divisions, and “Political Struggles and Movements”, which dwells on popular struggles in Nepal and Bolivia, among other things.The other two are “Forest and Wildlife”, about biodiversity, vanishing forests, Asiatic Cheetah and other endangered animals, and “Water Resources”, which includes lessons on water conservation.

In this direction earlier also PM Modi Government has taken many steps. The History books were revised and chapters were included on six schools of India philosophy: Vaishesika, Nyaya, Samkhya, Yoga, Purva Mimansa and Vedanta or Uttara Mimansa. These are believed to have been founded by sages Konada, Gotama, Kapila, Patanjali, Jaimini and Vyasa. The chapters on Ayurveda that has findings and teachings of Sushrut and Charaka and chapters on ancient surgical procedures and medicine which laid the foundation for the modern surgery were also added in the new curriculum.

So, there have been quite visible changes brought into the colonial textbooks which had earlier completely neglected the Indian past and glory.It is a good move as it will help for not driving the students in one particular direction. Their thinking capabilities will not be barred which earlier led the students to think in a certain political direction from a very young age.It will end the long brainwashing that is being done since long