Good News! Yogi decides to end reservation in this sector.

Great men dream by the day, as they make it happen. Yogi Adityanath is leaving no stone unturned in realising PM Modi’s  ‘Uttam Pradesh’ dream. Yogi has been working tirelessly since his very first day in office & he has already sought reforms in various fields which went untouched for years. Yogi has taken the task of reviving the educational system very seriously. From keeping a check on tainted education centres to asking private schools & colleges to cut out on their exorbitant tuition fees, Yogi has walked the talk so far.

Now, the Yogi Adityanath government has gone a step ahead & decided to end quota based reservations in UP. An order has been passed to do away with the Quota for candidates of SCs (scheduled caste), STs (scheduled caste) & OBCs (other backward castes). Yogi has taken several landmark steps to change the deteriorating picture of Uttar Pradesh.

When compared to the previous Akhilesh Yadav government, Yogi has exceeded SP’s work in just 20-25 days.  Yogi has also decided to include English from nursery in UP Government schools instead of class 6. Yogi had earlier said that education should be modern but should not compromise on nationalism. Other reforms include Yoga as a part of syllabus & self defence programmes for school girls.

On the contrary, Telangana CM has decided to hike the Quota for Muslims & STs. Chandrashekhar Rao should learn from Yogi. Appeasement politics has already been overshadowed by development politics. The BJP government in UP is also trying to ensure that students learn at least learn one foreign language in UP. The concerned authorities have been directed to associate patriotism & nationalism with the current syllabus.

Yogi is taking the state forward without compromising on Indian culture. If work continues at this rate, his critics won’t have anything to say.

Tony Joseph