Goonda Raj back in Madhya Pradesh! From Businessman to BJP leader, gangsters are killing people in broad day light

In India, development can’t ensure victory in elections and this has been proved in the recent elections that were held in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. But the people of these states are regretting for voting for Congress party because of the anarchy that is prevailing in the states just weeks after the Congress party came to power.

One of the main thing that was not seen in the past 15 years was there was no scope the gangsters under Shiv Singh Chauhan. But soon after he was couldn’t come to power even though BJP had much higher vote shares than Congress party, the Goonda Raj is back in Madhya Pradesh.

Now a Mandsaur BJP leader has been shot dead, that too in broad day light. Yes, Mandsaur Municipal Corporation chairman and BJP leader Prahlad Bandhwar was shot dead by unidentified criminals in full public view at BPL Square here on 17th January evening. The police said that the attackers were apparently moving on a Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle when they accosted Bandhwar and shot him from point blank range.

The police said that the BJP leader was standing in front of the district cooperative bank when the attacker approached him. Later on the assailant shot the BJP leader and fled from the spot. He was soon taken to the hospital in an auto-rickshaw but it was of no use.

Late Mandsaur Municipal Corporation chairman and BJP leader Prahlad Bandhwar

This incident has taken place just a day after an Indore businessman was shot dead on a crowded road. The  45-year-old businessman’s name was Sandeep Agrawal and he was gunned down in a gangland-style hit in the busy Vijay Nagar square in Indore – barely 50m from the, stated Times of India. What is shocking is that the Madhya Pradesh police don’t even have any clue on this crime.

These murders have proved that gangsters have considered Madhya Pradesh a heaven for their crimes after the Kamal Nath led Congress party came to power.

Hansika Raj