Goons of Congress, Veer Savarkar had spent decades in jail! What about Nehru?

They called him a traitor, they called him a coward, they called him a murderer. They opposed his portrait in Central Hall of the Parliament.

time and again Congress is dishonouring, insulting a great patroit who faced unspeakable horrors of Kaalapaani. Veer Savarkar was never given due respect he deserves by the Congressi. In 2003 when then Prime Minister Atal ji unveiled his portrait in parliment congress and the Left had written to President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam to boycott the function. But he did not.

Shameful defeat in 2014 elections failed to teach any lessons to the congress party. During 2019 election campaigns then President of the party Rahul Gandhi made a derogatory comment on Veer Savarkar again. They had forgotten the criticism Mani Shankar Aiyar had faced, and looks like they have not learnt lesson this time too.

Last night, A group of NSUI members led by Akshay Lakra threw black ink on the bust of Veer Savarkar outside the Arts Faculty of Delhi University.

Hatred for Veer Savarkar is not new to Congress. It’s been happening since the time of Nehru. To a party which displays utmost slavery to a particular dynasty of course it is impossible to accept the fact that there were more capable and more fierce nationalist other than Gandhi and Nehru, whose combine effect brought Freedom to India.

And speaking of Left pseudo liberals of India, they can even put hypocrisy itself to shame. They idolize a mass murderer like Stalin. For them Savarkar was not a freedom fighter. They project him in bad light calling him a coward.

What is the fact actually? What makes Savarkar a great freedom fighter and an absolute nationalist?

Savarkar spent 27 years in jail between 1910-1937. He was sentenced to 50-years imprisonment, and was transported to the infamous Cellular Jail in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands (“Kaalapaani”) on July 4, 1911.

Kaalapaani was the most inhuman jail of all. Prisoners were chained like animals and made to work in oil mills, grinding mustard seed for endless hours. Prisoners were flogged. No talking between prisoners at mealtime. No contact with the family, only once in a year inmates were allowed to write a letter.

Savarkar endured unspeakable cruelties. British were determined not to allow him to leave the prison alive.

The Leftists and Congress leaders often mention Nehru being imprisoned by British.  Asaf Ali a famous freedom fighter and a journalist writes that Nehru almost had a bungalow to himself in his so-called jail with curtains of his choicest colour, that is blue.  He could do gardening at leisure and write his books. When his wife was sick, his sentence was suspended even without him asking for it.

How can we compare these two scenarios and say even nehru was put in prison? Is it not surprising that no congress leader of Nehru time did not get Kaalapaani punishment.

Bhagat Singh and Sukhdev had made “Life of Barrister Savarkar” a necessary reading for fellow revolutionaries.

Ras bihari Bose in a radio broadcast has spoken about Savarkar and had said-

“In saluting you, I have the joy of doing my duty towards one of my elderly comrades in arms. In saluting you, I am saluting the symbol of sacrifice itself.”

As for his hand in Gandhi’s murder, he was honourably acquitted by the court. But the problem with Congress is that when the court decision is in their favor they speak highly of judiciary system but when the same judiciary clears Savarkar of all charges they sling mud on the working of the apex court.

These are the leaders who doesn’t find shame in giving royal treatment to a terrorist, to have court open at midnight to review death penalty.

These are the low life leaders who insulted crore of Hindus by coining the term Hindu terror. The Dharma which took all the religions under the wing and provided a condition to thrive was falsely blamed to be of  extremist ideology.

Savarkar had opposed partition in a strong voice. He was against creation of a nation based on religious beliefs. He had once said-

“I stand for equality and no concessions while Jinnah is for more concessions and doesn’t stand for equality.”

His view was not Hindus supremacy but that of Hindus’ protection.

It has become a habit of Congress to insult our real heroes. They are forgetting that these blunders are deepening the grave they have already dug out for themself.

A nations mentality can be judged based on how they treat their heroes. And we have already seen what answer India has given the congress party for its mistake.

Savarkar was a hero. Savarkar is a hero and will remain a hero in the eyes of crore of Indian. We will always remember him, through his works and his words.

As for congress party they have only two option to learn from their mistakes of the past or they can continue what they are doing now, so that their wipe out from Indian politics to happen at earliest.

Dr Sindhu Prashanth