Goons of Mamata Banerjee! In West Bengal, Hindus were not allowed to cast their votes fearing that they will vote for BJP

When rest of the nation was peacefully casting the votes in the second phase of the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, Mamata Banerjee ruled West Bengal was at its pinnacle of violence where the Hindus were barred from voting. Times Now reported that the goons of TMC from Raiganj didn’t let the Hindus to cast their franchise in a fear that they will vote for BJP.

In a village of Rajganj constituency, the Hindu voters had said that they were stopped from proceeding towards the polling booth. They also claimed that the bogus voters had already casted their votes when they reached the polling station in the morning of the second phase.

When a villagers who was the victim of this atrocity of TMC goons was contacted, he expressed his ordeal stating “I was stopped from going to the polling booth. Four to five Muslim men tried to beat me and damage my bicycle. They said you are from the BJP and asked me to run away”.

Not just the voters, but even the BJP leaders had complained that TMC was involved in electoral malpractice. BJP’s Raiganj candidate Debasree Chaudhuri stated that “TMC workers were trying to capture booth. They were campaigning among Muslims there. This isn’t election campaign”.

Revealing that the village where the malpractice took place was a Muslim dominated village, Times Now reported “The village in question is Muslim dominated where around 600 Hindus also reside. It was learned that when some of the Hindus went to cast their vote in the morning, they were informed by the poll officials that their votes had already been cast”.

The West Bengal BJP has brought this issue to the notice of State Election Commission in Kolkata. Since weeks, several violence targeting BJP took place. A day before the polling a dalit youth was killed by hanging to death for supporting BJP.