Goosebumps,anger and laughter!!! These 4 videos went viral in India in 2017!

As the year comes to an end, we are left back only with memories to cherish. A lot of good and bad have taken place over the 365 days. A lot of good advancements have kick started over the year by our PM Modhi’s efforts and the year ended with a lot of unfortunate incidents witnessing our Indian army. To end this year on a positive note here we get you some of the memorable videos of the year 2017.

1. Ivanka Trump applauding for Modiji:

One of the best videos to watch this year was US President Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump praising PM Narendra Modi during her visit to India. Ivanka trump spoke about Modhiji and his commendable contribution as a prime minister at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit India 2017 held at Hyderabad.

First of all she thanked everyone present there and Modhiji for being present at the event. “You are towards making a striving economy and a symbol of hope to the world. What you are achieving here is truly extraordinary. You have proven the transformation of change is possible”-she said.

Ivanka represented US along with the other 150 countries present at the summit.

2. Raga’s Aloo Machine!!

One of the best viral videos that spread like storm was Rahul Gandhi’s Aloo (Potato) machine:

Rahul in one of his speech in Gujarat told that he will invent a machine that will produce gold from potato!! “Is side se Aloo dalo uss side se sona nikalo” (insert potato from one side of the machine and remove gold from another side). Immediately after his statement the people all over India started mocking at Raga and created memes based on this. Raga was the talk of the town after this statement.

3. Kashmir toh hoga lekin Pakistan nahi hoga!!

Undoubtable applause for this one. This was an awesome message by an Indian army man to Pakistan and its terrorists conspiring against India. Watching his spirit and words of patriotism gave me Goosebumps and I am sure you will experience the same as well. A sure applause goes to this soldier who says “Ab agar jang chidi toh namo nishaan nahi hoga. Kashmir toh hoga lekin Pakistan nahi hoga” (Pakistan if you think of conspiring against India, your existence will be remove from the world map). His words and the love he has towards his country is worth watching. And what a reply to Pakistan!!

4. Shameful incident in Srinagar!!

In the video after the violence hit Srinagar by-election a Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) soldiers shows remarkable restraint as he is heckled, slapped and kicked a mob of youngsters. You can watch the mob insulting and humiliating the jawans while they walk by the road. And the Jawan keeps calm and keeps walking.

This shameful act is severally punishable as it is a deep insult to our Indian soldiers who deserve deep amount of respect. This mob does not deserve to stay in India anymore. This kind of insult is unacceptable.